How To Create Your Perfect Dream Board

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Dream boards are meant to be looked at every single day and as many times as possible!! So here’s tips on how to create your perfect Dream Board.

Step 1: Find a background color that suits your mood. This is the basis of your dream board so choose wisely on something that will make you want to look at it and create a feeling in you each day.

Step 2: Find pictures that inspire you to work towards your goals or even remind you of them.These can be little things like a girl holding up a graduation certificate to inspire you to reach your goal of graduation.

Step:3 Choose a theme you would like to use. This could be something like a Minimal Theme for example.

Step 4: Array your pictures in a style of your choice. This could be in a collage or just any layout you choose. There are many different styles to choose from.

You can also go digital!!

  • Wallpaper/Screensaver

Add a bunch of inspiring pictures together just like you would for your dream board into one image and set this as your wallpaper on your phone. This is a really good way to constantly visualize your goals. You could also simply take a picture of the physical vision board you’ve got and set this as your screensaver.

  • We Heart It Collections/PinTerest Boards

We Heart It has the perfect inspiring images to use for dream boards! You can easily make a collection on Whi with your inspiring goal pictures. If you’d like something more private, PinTerest is a great alternative as they have ‘secret boards’ you can use.

Check out my Collections & Blogging Girl Daily Boards below for some creative inspo:



  • Desktop

You can do the same thing as you would with your phone. This is perfect if you’re always working on your laptop or a computer!



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