23 Habits of Successful Women

Our daily habits are an important part of who we are as women. Especially, if you’re a woman that’s always wanting to become the best version of yourself possible! Knowing the daily habits of successful women are always a great way to determine whether you’re on the right track. These small day to day habits determine how successful a person is and who they become.

Remember, you don’t have to tick all these boxes right away! Everyone starts somewhere, so don’t feel pressured. Start incorporating a few habits at a time into your day, and gradually build them up as you go! Notice where you can alter or make changes to your daily habits in order to become a successful woman one day!

Habits of Successful Women

1. Start Their Days The Night Before

One of the most easily forgotten habits of successful women is that they always plan ahead of time. Successful women understand that preparing ahead of time adds less pressure in their day by decreasing their decision-making. These women are always planning, organising and scheduling things way ahead of time in one form or another. They usually have a general idea of what their day will comprise of before it even begins.

2. Go To Bed Early

Successful women know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. They value their time to rest. These women understand the importance behind giving their mind and body time to recover from long days of hard work. They know that in order to perform at their best, they need to be at their best! And by being well rested, this increases their ability to function better day to day on many different levels.

3. Practice Some Form Of Meditation

The most relaxing of habits of successful women is that they practice some form of meditation. Whether that is through prayer or sitting down quietly being mindful. Successful women like Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey all swear by meditation. It not only helps calm the mind, reduce stress and give your mind and body so many other amazing benefits, but it also helps improve your mood throughout the day and helps you have a better approach to tough situations!

4. She Eats The Frog First!

If your job was had eat a frog each morning, you’re more likely to get it done if it’s the first thing you do. Successful women always get the hardest, most tedious things done first. They know that they’re more likely to get it done if its done first thing in the morning. Always aim to tackle your biggest and hardest tasks first. This builds up your momentum for the rest of your day too!

5. Know How To Control Their Emotions

We all know that women are very emotional beings compared to men. With all the constant hormonal changes we deal with in our bodies, not just from a month to month basis, but also with our age, environments, moods, etc. There is just a lot more women have to take into consideration when it comes to how they feel. Successful women however, are aware that how they feel, can affect how they perform. Therefore, they know how to control their emotions and when is the right time to release and deal with them. They’re always aware of their behaviour and feelings and know how to deal with them so that it doesn’t affect their productivity.

6. Always Educating Themselves and Staying Informed

One of the traits successful women value, is being well informed! They are always reading things that will help them grow and improve, especially things in their field, that will help them to develop a new skill, etc. Successful women value knowledge and they know that ignorance can literally cost them! Therefore, a successful woman makes time to learn and grow each day.

7. Know When And How To Delegate

Where focus goes, energy flows. A successful woman knows when to delegate her tasks, because she knows she can perform better if she focuses on one thing at a time. She does not stress about the small stuff that she knows can be given to other people to get done. She is wise about how she spends her time and knows that it is an asset to her.

8. Successful Women Prioritise Themselves

One of the most crucial habits of successful women is that they always put themselves first. This may sound selfish but in reality it isn’t. A successful woman knows that in order to be her best, she needs to feel her best. Therefore, she always prioritises herself first, especially when needed. Whether that means cancelling an appointment because she’s sick or just saying ‘no’ without the common woman-guilt we all have. A successful woman always puts herself first.

9. Surround Themselves With Like Minded People

Like Jack Canfield says, “we are the average of the five people we hang out with most!” Successful women know how important it is to surround themselves with positive and uplifting people. They choose their friends wisely and align themselves with people that are heading in the same direction as them in terms of their goals, dreams and aspirations. They choose to be around people that will inspire them and that they can learn from. This is how they grow and become better!

10. Journal or Do Some Form of Healthy Emotional Release

Every successful woman has some form of healthy emotional release that they practice. Whether its journaling, a common one, painting, yoga or even just a simple walk everyday to think things through and clear their minds, this a trait of a successful woman. It goes hand in hand with taking time for themselves. The value in this is that they are able to let go of built up stresses and pressures, or simply overwhelm throughout the day and come back to earth where they can regain better focus and get back into alignment with their goals.

11. Take Care of Their Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness is super valued by a successful woman because makes them feel at their best! Taking a shower literally is scientifically proven to boost your productivity throughout the day so you can imagine why a successful woman is where she is! They habitually take a shower or brush their teeth every morning or do some type of skincare routine that makes them ‘feel’ good and ready for the day.

12. Invest In Themselves

A successful woman always invests in herself and her projects or business. She knows that she is worth her time and efforts so she puts in the work, energy and the money where necessary. This is important for growth, she knows that in order to become better, she needs to always be opened to do things that will makes her life better, even if it costs her sometimes! She knows that she is her greatest asset.

13. Value Their Mental Health

The way you think, your perspective on life and how you manage your mind are able to influence your life so deeply on a physical scale! A successful woman knows this and is aware that how she thinks will always get her to where she needs to go therefore, she values her mental health and knows that it is important to control her thoughts and not let herself sink into depression, anxiety or a spiral of negative emotions. She knows how to master her mindset!

14. Manages Money Wisely

Successful women knows how to spend, invest and save their money wisely. They have strategies in place on how to attain and build their wealth so that they can achieve financial success in their lives. They understand that money is an important aspect of their lives, they’re always going to need this resource in order to live and do the things they want to do, so they don’t choose to shy away from it like most, instead they choose to learn and understand so that they can make the best decisions possible.

15. Consumes Positive and Uplifting Media

Choosing to consume positive, useful and uplifting media in a world where we are constantly bombarded with tons of content is always a better than consuming content that is made to distract us all the time. Each day we aimlessly scroll through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and consume meaningless content by habit, being completely unaware of our choices. Successful women are aware of this and choose to consume content that is of value, that they can learn and grow from instead.

16. Make Time for Themselves

A successful women knows that she is her greatest asset therefore, she always makes time for herself, whether that means some time alone, a self-care routine or some time off from work. She understands the importance of keeping her individuality and who she is in tact by not getting lost in day to day life so that she can be her best. She knows that you cannot pour from an empty cup so she always takes the time to fill hers up.

17. Hones In On Her Craft

Practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what successful women aim to achieve each day. They hone in on their craft in order to get better and better at what it is they do each day. Each day brings a new lesson and by learning and growing and just setting out the time to expand your knowledge or skill set on your main particular area, you learn to master it!

18. Prioritise Their Health

Successful women always prioritise their health through some form of exercise as well as watching what they put into their bodies. These women understand that what you put into your body is what you get out. They understand the health benefits that exercising can give them too and know that by taking care of their bodies, they’re able to perform at their best. They know that their body is constantly helping them get to where they want to go, therefore it always needs to be well taken care of.

19. Successful Women Are Consistent

Consistency will get you further in life more than anything. Successful women know that patience is a virtue and consistency alone with it equals to success. They understand that things take time, but as long as you are persistent and stay the course, you will always end up reaping results!

20. Practise Discipline and Self-Control

If you want to be a successful woman, you have to learn how to be disciplined and practice self-control. This is important in developing habits too because most habits like working out, reading everyday or a lot of the habits of successful women that you’ve learnt here thus far, require a lot of discipline and self-control, especially if you want to see results!

21. Don’t Break Promises to Themselves

If a successful woman says she is going to do something, she will get it done! Successful women are women of their word, but more importantly they never break their promises to themselves. They know that in honouring the commitments they make to themselves, they can expect the same from others.

22. Successful Women are Self-Aware

Successful women know their strengths and their weaknesses, and use them to their advantage. They are always practicing being self-aware in order to improve and grow. They understand that by being self-aware they are able to become the best version of themselves possible and notice where they may go wrong in order to improve on it. If you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself, check out my self-coaching course on how to Master Your Mindset!

23. She is Articulate

There are many more habits of successful women but I’m gonna round it off here! Successful women always portray themselves well, not just in image, but in how they articulate themselves. They know how to capture the attention of a room, keep a conversation going and get the message across clearly and confidently!

I hope this blog post on habits of successful women helped you. If you found the information on here useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your other lady friends! It helps my blog out a lot and I really appreciate it! While you’re at it, why not leave a comment down below on any habits of successful women you know about? Let’s help build each other up and grow into a community of highly successful women!

Happy International Women’s Month!


Alana – Mae


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