4 Ways To Achieve A Perfect Night’s Sleep 

After my second year at university and getting a part-time job things got a little stressful due to the change in lifestyle. I noticed that my sleeping patterns were way off because of little distractions throughout my sleep. Once I put a stop to these things over time, I began achieving a full 7-8 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. It was literally a dream come true!

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Here’s what I changed:

  • No Liquids After 6pm

Who else hates being woken up at 1am to tinkle? I know I do! Recently I’ve stopped drinking anything after 6pm and lemme tell ya… I. Sleep. Like. A. Kitten. The best sleep is one that is uninterrupted by a trip to the toilet!

  • Get Seven To Eight Hours Of Sleep

We’ve all heard this one a gazillion times before. Seven to eight hours is sleep shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity to our bodies. Try to accomplish all your daily tasks before 4pm and that way you have enough time to rest your mind before bedtime.

  • Go Tech-Free

The key is to go tech-free at least two hours before bed… Ha. Ha. Ha. We all know that’s never gonna happen. Little alert noises that we’re use to tell our mind we’re required ‘to do’ something which causes stress aka the reason for tossing and turning in your sleep. So instead turn off all your notifications before bed, lose the laptop and switch off your iPod.

  • Turn Off All Lights

One of the main reasons why we are disrupted from sleep is because of distractions like bright lights. Dim lights can also be distracting so turn off all lights at night for a distraction-free snooze.

Sweet Dreams!

Alana – Mae


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