6 Blogging Secrets No One Really Talks About

The Blogging World is full of secrets on what it really takes to be a blogger. We always see the results of a beautiful blog but never really see what goes on behind the scenes.  There is a ton of things bloggers don’t share with the world but today we’re spilling the tea on 6 Blogging Secrets No One Really Talks About. We’re about to divulge all of the secrets we know here at Blogging Girl Daily on what it takes to become a great blogger so keep reading!



1. We Plan Ev-Ery-Thing

Its tempting to think that bloggers are effortlessly posting content on all their socials and have no problems in the world but in fact, its quiet the opposite. Blogging is hard work. Every picture is planned, every blog post is planned. So basically, everything is super planned! There’s few things that you will see us bloggers spontaneously doing online, but other than an odd ootd  that seems to just align with our feeds, bloggers plan literally everything. It isn’t easy keeping up a system but the results are always well worth it.

2. This is How We Really get ‘Views’

A lot of people wonder where or how bloggers get people to read their blogs and the truth is its not just our family members and friends, in fact it almost never is. One of the big blogging secrets you’d be keen on knowing is that a lot of our views come from the leads we get from various social media accounts. Facebook pages, tweets and Instagram posts are probably where we convince most of our readers to visit our website. Its free marketing, who doesn’t love this?!

3. Getting Photos are Super Strenuous 

Choosing blog photos seem quite effortless once its up on the blog, but the work behind it is tough! Its very seldom that a blogger is able to get a good photo immediately that will flow with a post. This is probably one of the biggest topics all bloggers find themselves stressing over. The photos we use are what attracts our readers to our websites so its crucial that we constantly test out the overall image of the post which takes a lot of our time.

4. You Never Stop Learning

Blogging, like technology is constantly evolving and what does that mean for us? Research, research, research. There’s always new rules and regulations that are constantly coming out that bloggers are required to adhere to. We always have to be on our feet when it comes to keeping our blogs up to date and relevant for our readers and that means constantly reading up what’s new. I’ve probably read more articles on blogging than I have studied in my 3 years at university. (That, coming from a Journalism student).

5. Blogging can be Lonely 

Another one of our blogging secrets that we hate to admit is that being a blogger is a lonely journey. These are the times where no one else understands your situation expect for yourself and that can be really depressing. All bloggers are different and come from various backgrounds so that means that we all won’t have similar circumstances in the blogging world. As amazing as the blogging community can be, it gets lonely when you’re constantly trying to push yourself to be the best or reach a certain goal. It can be really discouraging to watch someone succeed while you’re just starting out. So always remember, “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

6. Its a Full-Time Job

Planning posts, getting new ideas, aligning them in a strategic way to get views and market them further is a long process. There are times where I find myself working until 11:30 pm just designing new email headers or gaining inspiration for new ideas. Your mind never stops working when it comes to blogging. A total misconception that many people have about blogging is that it isn’t even a job. There are tons of people making a success off blogging and living their dream lives through it as their day job. Blogging is just as good as a full-time job.

So we’ve spilled the tea on our blogging secrets, let us know what’s yours. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Blogging Girl Daily for our latest posts and updates or catch up with us on our social media tabs above!



Alana – Mae 

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