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The way we dress our bodies has so much to do with how we carry ourselves and the way people see us. We so often forget that this simple act of self-love in how we portray ourselves can be super beneficial to our wellbeing. There are many ways in which dressing up can give you a confidence charge up. The benefits of how good you look on the outside can be reaped by how good you will feel on the inside.

|| How Dressing Up Can Boost Your Confidence ||

1. When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Dressing up into a power outfit can not only make you feel good about how you look on the outside but can also make you feel good about how yourself on the inside which gives your confidence an immediate pick-me-up.

2. Mood-Booster

Your entire outlook on the day can change when you know you look great even if it means just doing your makeup to the gods and wearing sweatpants. Looking and feeling good about yourself helps you boost your mood, especially if you’re going through a bad time in your life.

TIP: Whenever you’re having a bad day or feel like you’re stuck in a rut, get up and dress up! Put on a bomb outfit, get your hair and makeup done into your favourite go-to glam look and you’ll boost your mood immediately.

3. Earn Respect

When you show that you love and take care of yourself through your appearance this does not mean you are shallow as we are so often convinced – that depends purely on your attitude as a person, instead it shows people that you believe you are worthy of being taken care of and that you love and respect yourself since you are worth taking the time to do your hair, pick an outfit that suits you flawlessly, do your makeup and overall put yourself together. You immediately portray an image that demands the same type of care and effort from other people, on a level that you show yourself. This shows people how you expect and should be treated off the bat when they meet you.

4. Improve Your Productivity

You perform better and you’re more hyper efficient when you’re dressed up because you aren’t always worrying about your appearance and how you’re dressed when you know that you are well put together.

TIP: Make sure to wear clothing that well fits you and doesn’t have flaws like buttons missing or loose hems. This will immediately make you feel self-conscious and insecure because you will always be trying to cover up these flaws and people almost always notice that, which will make you feel worse. This will kill your productivity as well if you’re at college or in a public setting since you’ll always be tugging on your outfit.

5. Improve Your Focus

Dressing up not only improves your productivity and makes your appearance the last thing on your mind, but it also improves your focus. When you’re not worried about what you’re wearing all day or how its falling off you or squeezing your tummy until you can’t breathe, you’re able to be productive and stay extra intuitive on the tasks at hand which helps you to perform at your best especially when you feel put together and confident.

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