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Welcome to Part Four of The Blogging Girl Series! If you’re new here, you might want to view Part One of this series, to understand what it’s all about! This part of the series focuses on, Habits of Successful Bloggers. In Part Three of The Blogging Girl Series we spoke about Blogging Success Secrets That No Really Talk About. Today however, we’re gonna get into something a little more practical.

Think about this for a second. Successful people in general do things differently from others, which is why they obtain different results compared to the average person. This is why it’s important to learn from those who are already where you want to be. In learning about the habits of successful bloggers today, we’re going to focus more specifically on their ‘blogging’ habits.

Daily Habits of Successful Bloggers
Daily Habits of Successful Bloggers

The reason I added this section into the course, is because from my own experience, I know this method works! I would often look at the way other successful bloggers made money blogging and would see how often they marketed their blogs, where and how. I always paid attention to the strategies they used. Now, I’m able to do the same and share these things successful bloggers do each day with you! So trust me, if I can make money blogging, work from home and become my own boss, so can you! Let’s start!


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1. Work With The Algorithm

A habit of successful bloggers is that they don’t just post aimlessly. Their content is often very, precisely scheduled. The reason being is because they know they can get better results in views and sales if they post at certain times, or even post about certain topics around certain times. These bloggers know that in order to obtain great numbers, they have to be very strategic about when and how they distribute their content.

This is why many successful bloggers pay attention to trends and how their algorithm operates. You may have noticed some bloggers only post on certain days or at certain times too. It’s for this reason that they do.

2. Always Be Consistent

Another obvious habit of successful bloggers is that they are always consistent with their work. They know that consistency leads to great results and gains trust in your readers. People take you more seriously when you deliver content consistently. They respect your work because it shows that you are dedicated to your craft when you are being consistent. Whether this means blogging a certain amount of times a month, engaging with your subscribers every now and again or simply just making your presence known to people. It all counts!

3. Marketing Yourself Everyday

Like successful bloggers, it’s your job to market yourself everyday. You have to always make sure you’re bridging the gap between you and your potential audience. This is a habit of successful bloggers that I always noticed got carried out more strictly than anything else. As you get into blogging, you’ll realise that the quantity of your content doesn’t compare to how much more important your marketing strategy is. A great marketing strategy is what you really need to focus on to improve your blog views.

A good way to market your blog is through PinTerest. Ell Duclos, offers a PinTerest Growth Course that shows you how to market your blog and get tons of sales. Her monthly views on her PinTerest alone are over 4-Million! When I started to apply her strategies to my PinTerest account, I made a sale within the second day! I swear by her strategies so definitely check out her course if you’re interested in seeing more results from other bloggers.

4. Always Use Trends to Your Advantage

I’ve mentioned trends earlier but let’s dive a little deeper into this one. A habit of successful bloggers that they do daily, is always keep up with the trends. By that I mean, they stay informed and always know what’s going on in the world around them. Successful bloggers use this to their advantage. They pay attention to what gets more likes or more views on particular topics and incorporate this into their content, strategically to get more views (ethically, of course).

For example, if a food blogger sees that ‘Dalgona Coffee’ is trending all over YouTube, they will use this to their advantage and maybe recreate their own recipe. They know the fact the they have the trending keyword(s) ‘Dalgona Coffee’ in their blog post, it will rank higher on Google. This is how SEO works. If you’d like to learn more about this, I highly recommend Nele’s, SEO for Bloggers or Keyword Research course. She makes learning SEO super easy, and shows you how to make each of your posts rank high on Google!

5. Work Ahead Of Time

On the daily, successful bloggers always read, research and plan their content ahead of time. Blogging is a full time job, and it’s hard to work in real time when there’s so much to do from marketing your blog, creating content, engaging with your followers on all platforms and more. That’s why successful bloggers always work ahead of time. Their content is always prepared in advance because it allows them time to do even more and manage their time better. Learning how to manage your time well, is a big part of blogging! And it’s always best to start learning as early as possible!

I often like to create schedules for the month ahead. This personally helps me to stay ahead of my game and know what I’m doing. It also helps in uncertain situations when things come up. Like for example, an exam, family stuff or seeing friends. I’m really big on planning ahead for these reasons! It gives you time and space when you really need it because your work is often done in advance!

6. Always Aim For More Growth

Another habit of successful bloggers is that they strive for growth each day. They know that their hard work should be giving them results. This is why strategy is so important and they make sure they invest in always growing their blogs, by sticking to strategies that actually work. Successful bloggers often attend classes, seminars, get mentors and read tons of books on how they can improve. Whether it means paying for a course or tutorial on how to grow their platform. A successful blogger knows that they will make hundreds of times that money back, so its always gonna be worth the price!

7. Your Motivation, Is Your Responsibility

Any successful person will tell you that you need more, than motivation to keep you going. But the thing they will also tell you is that you are responsible for motivating yourself. It’s no one else’s job to motivate you but your own! However you get motivated and inspired is up to you. The point is that you are in charge of always keeping yourself going, and remembering the bigger pictures of where you want to be!

Blogging can be really lonely, and in the beginning a bit discouraging when the result aren’t pouring in and all you’re doing is just working at it constantly. This is why it’s so important that you’re always finding ways to stay motivated. Whether that’s through reading books on success, watching TED Talks or just doing things like rewarding yourself now and again when you accomplish something small. It all counts and helps you to build up your momentum.

8. Always Improving Your Blog

One of the habits of successful bloggers is that they are constantly seeking to improve their blog, or brand, no matter how small the change may be. Whether this means improving their website speed, image quality, blog design or whatever it may be. They go for it! Often times, I like to personally watch what other successful bloggers do to improve their websites and get inspired by them. This is why it’s good to surround yourself or at least your social media with people that inspire you and help you become better.

When you really get into blogging you will see that there’s always something you can improve on. Once you get serious about your blog and start seeing how it benefits you, trust me you’ll want to do better wherever you can!

9. Keep Engaging With Your Readers

This is really important! Another one of the habits of successful bloggers, is that they engage daily with their audience. They value their audience and prioritize them and their user experience above everything else! These can even be in little ways like reply to your readers on time, showing interest in what they have to say and just always staying connected from time to time. A successful blogger understands that these people trust them and that their audience is the most valuable asset they have. They appreciate their audience and always show it through their actions.

Remember, these changes all take time. Don’t set high expectations on yourself as a new blogger, to accomplish all these things. That’s only going to burn you out and make you feel discouraged. Try to reach one milestone at a time, and then conquer the next big thing. This is how you can slowly build yourself up and overtime develop your blogging style to become a successful blogger. By building one habit at a time you can accomplish more, later!

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