How I Plan & Organise My Life

Organisation and planning is key when it comes to getting things done. Therefore in order to plan and organise effectively, I use a system that helps me to get everything I have to do off my mind and onto paper. This system also allows me concentrate on what I’m doing in the moment since I’m not worrying about other tasks I have to get done, knowing that it’s all been allocated a block of time so there’s no way I can forget.

1. Brain Dump Reflection

Reflect on all the things you want to get done and write it down on a piece of paper. Whether its cleaning your makeup brushes or doing your research project, write it all down. Break up your tasks if you have to, for example, if you need to get an essay done, break it up into ‘Research for Essay’ and ‘First Draft,’ etc. This will help you get more clear on how much time you need to allocate to each task. When I do this, I write down every single thing I need to get done, even it means something like reading a book or putting away my yoga mat. Be specificbreak it down and write down every single little thing you need to get done.

PS: Sort your tasks into categories so you don’t feel all over the place when you look at it. For example, if you need to clean your bedroom and get college tasks done, make a ‘College’ section and a ‘Bedroom’ section.

2. Analyse Your Tasks

Next, you can grab a few colourful highlighters and highlight which tasks are ‘Urgent,’ and ‘Important‘. Now here’s what’s important, the task that is urgent is not important. Things that you will highlight as ‘Urgent’ are things that have other peoples deadlines on them, like college assignments, paying bills and going to a family function. Things that are considered to be ‘Important’ are things that you hold important to yourself, like writing a book, starting a website or launching a business. These are all the things that are important to you and that you have control over. Once you determine these two things you can categorize the rest of your tasks as chores, etc.

3. Organize and Schedule

The next step is to organize these categories or tasks into a daily schedule. You’ll want to look at your calendar and assign tasks according to each date and time that is suitable to you preference. If you want to time-batch things like have a day where you only do chores after college, study or watch T.V, you can allocate that within a specific time range of when you will start and finish each task for each day of the week.

PS: I personally love to do all my tasks on certain days and take two days off in my week to relax and watch Netflix or read. You’ll feel better about taking days off when you know that you stick to the tasks you set out to do and don’t break the promises you make to yourself, so its easy to enjoy your free time, guilt free.

4. Evaluate and Initiate

Once you’ve planned and organised your schedule, evaluate it and see that everything is in the right order. If you know you need to move things around, then move them around as long as you get them done within your allocated time frame.

5. Stick To The Plan

Remember to actually stick to your schedule and know that you always have more than enough time to get things done. Often we stress and have this mentality that we can’t plan because we don’t want to live a “planned out life,” but that is exactly where the freedom is. When purposely plan and structure your life, you have the opportunity to get things done and then take days off on purpose. You’ll always have this privilege of taking control of your time.

Don’t fall for the mental block of, “Emergencies and things happen that take up my time and I can’t plan for that.” Yes, these things happen, but you and I both know we can always plan around the little day to day things, and if an emergency does come your way, it only ever happens once in a blue moon so stop letting this thought control you. You can always jump back on your schedule and I promise you that an emergency won’t break your entire schedule forever! You’re got this!


Alana – Mae

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