How To Achieve Your Goals In 2022

Wayne Dyer once said, “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.” This is exactly why only 9% out of the 46% of people who set goals at the beginning of a new year are able to achieve them. If you want to learn how to achieve your goals in 2022, you have to be willing to go that extra mile in order to become one of the 9% of people that are actually successful at the end of the year.

The best way to achieve your goals in 2022 is to focus on taking action instead of goals. When you focus on doing the work instead of focusing on your goals, your actions will inevitably lead to results. The key to achieving your new year resolutions and becoming one of the 9% of people who succeed at it, is to be consistent all year round.

If you take anything from this post, know that in order to separate yourself from the pack, you have to simply just stick to the plan. Within the first week of a new year, 25% of people who set goals already give up. Within the first month, that number goes up to 36% and after six months, increases to 54% of people!

This is exactly why consistency throughout the entire year is important. The good news is, you do not have to be an extremely disciplined individual in order to achieve your goals. As James Clear puts it, the people with the best self control are the ones who typically need to use it the least. They simply use the path of least resistance to get from where they are, to where they need to go.

how to achieve your goals
How To Achieve Your Goals

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How To Achieve Your Goals In 2022

I firmly believe that if you want to know how to achieve your goals in 2022, you have to focus more on your habits. Your habits are what determine whether or not you will stick to something. The most important thing in achieving a goal, is perseverance. This is why I believe that if you want anything if life, you have to pay attention to your day to day habits, the good ones and the bad. The makeup of your daily habits are what essentially lead to whether or not you achieve your goals and live your best life.

Let’s begin with some practical steps on how you can achieve your goals. A lot of my examples on how to achieve your goals come from the book Atomic Habits. I highly recommend giving it a read! I love that the book uses a scientific approach with practical, real life examples on how small, daily habits can lead to big changes. It is truly a must read if you need a boost of motivation in the right direction for the new year.

1. Focus On Systems Not Goals

Both winners and losers set goals. The difference between them is that a winner ‘acts’ on their goals. Most people who fail at their goals, fail to take action on them. The reason is because successful people focus on creating systems instead of focusing on their goals. Their mindset is not to just set goals and wait for them to magically be achieved. Instead, they focus on ‘how’ they’re going to reach their goals by setting systems into place.

Focusing on your goals all the time is a pointless waste of energy. Focusing on systems is what leads to taking action. When we focus on what we have to do in order to get to where we need to go and how we’re going to get one step closer each day, that is how we can accomplish things. For example, focus on when you will workout, at what time, where and what workouts you will perform at those times. This creates a clear intention, followed through an actionable plan, not just an end result.

2. Focus On Taking Action, Not Motion

Instead of planning, focus on taking action each day. When you’re planning all the time, it may feel like you’re taking action, but the reality is that planning all the time isn’t going to get you a step closer to your goal. If you set a goal to lose weight before the end of the year, don’t focus on that goal. Focus on how you can take action towards achieving that goal and getting one step closer each day.

3. Aim For 1% Better Each Day

With that being said, aim for 1% better each day. The misconception when goal-setting, is that our routines have to consist of big changes. This is not true, you can make small changes each day and achieve big results later. The good thing about aiming to become 1% better each day is that it is achievable for anyone and helps you practice showing up. Consistency is the key to achieving your goals.

The point of becoming 1% better each day is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out a day in your life or you’re a pro athlete. Anyone can do at least five minutes a day of working out or read at least one page a day. The point is that your plan of action is doable and its easy for you to show up to.

4. Practice Showing Up

The reason why starting small is important, is because it causes you to show up and repeat an action. As ridiculous as it sounds to workout for just five minutes or only read a page a day, the point is that you simply practice the art of showing up. Once you begin to show up everyday and start repeating an action, it becomes apart of your identity and who you are. That is how you make a habit stick and how to achieve your goals in the end. Once you are confident enough that you’ve mastered the art of showing up at a task, then you can pick up slowly pick up the pace more and more.

Remember, the idea is not to see how many push ups you can do in a day, it’s to make doing daily push ups a long term habit. Your little changes and one percent improvements will inevitably lead to bigger results.

5. Change Your Identity

As you can see, knowing how to achieve your goals is about changing your habits, building consistency and essentially stepping into your higher self. This is how to become the best version of yourself. The goal at the end of the day is to change your lifestyle in order for your habits to stick. The only way to do this is to change your identity and become the person you want to be. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you cannot associate your identity with that of a smoker. If someone asks you whether you want a cigarette and you say, “No thanks, I’m trying to quit,” you are still associating your identity with that of a smoker. A person who is truly a non-smoker will say, “no thanks, I don’t smoke.” See the difference?

6. Create An Environment That Encourages Action

If you want to change your identity and establish new habits in order to achieve your goals, you have to be conscious of the environment you’re surrounding yourself in. When creating new habits, the goal is to make them visible and easy to get started on.

If your goal is workout every morning, make it visible and known to yourself. Leave your workout clothes out, have your gym bag ready or your equipment out for you to see. Make it unavoidable so that you know you have to take action on that habit. Basically, create an environment around you the encourages you to take action on your goals.

7. Choose The Path Of Least Resistance

Contradictory to the above, if you want to stop a bad habit in order to achieve a new goal, you can create an environment that makes bad habits hard to do. In doing this, you can make them invisible in a sense. For example, many people who set a personal goal to lose weight will throw out junk food, or someone who wants to curb their spending will leave their credit card at home when they go out. The least resistance you have around you, the better. If you’re trying to quit smoking, you also won’t have cigarettes in the house.

When you make bad habits difficult to reach, they become hard to do. In turn, choosing the path of least resistance also helps you to create an environment that supports action in the right direction. The idea is to make the transition into changing your identity easy in order for your to master showing up and from there finally becoming confident enough to trust yourself to stick to it.

8. Change Your Mindset

A lot of the habits we have, don’t necessarily belong to us. Our culture, religious beliefs, upbringing, the environments we grew up in, the media we consume, our family, friends and parents have a lot to do with who we are and the things we do. The issue is that we also don’t stop to question what is right and wrong or what we want for ourselves. Take a look at the little habits you’ve grown up with for a second.

For example, if you come from a family that makes working out a necessary part of life, chances are you don’t skip a day of working out. On the other hand, if you come from a family that doesn’t believe working out is necessary, chances are you’re more likely to see working out daily as an unimaginable part of life. Its important to be conscious of the habits that don’t necessarily belong to you. These habits can impair your progress in life when you set goals for yourself. This is why once you become self-aware and notice your limiting beliefs, you can then change your identity and become the best version of yourself.

9. Stay Motivated In 2022

The main thing we think we need in order to achieve our goals is motivation. However, the truth is, you’re only gonna be motivated once you start seeing results and results take time. The thing is, just because you aren’t seeing results at the beginning doesn’t mean that they aren’t compounding over time. For example, you may notice that after a month of working out the scale won’t budge. This doesn’t mean your efforts have gone to waste, your results are simply just compounding until you get a breakthrough. Its the same if you were to overeat for weeks on end. The scale perhaps may not move after a few weeks at first, but after a year of keeping up to poor eating habits, you will inevitably see the number pick up drastically.

In the beginning of this post I showed you some stats on how people give up on their goals. If you take a look again, you’ll see that a lot of people quit their goals early. The reason why is because people want to see results fast. There is no fast way to achieving your goals or setting new habits. Remember, slow and steady wins this race!

10. Create A Quarterly Action Plan For 2022

Since the year is made up of 12 months, I like to break it down into four quarters. This helps me to set more achievable goals for the short term which compound long term, by year end to be specific. It also makes it easier for me to keep track of my progress and see where I need to change up what isn’t working for me. Its like having four new years in one! – Haha. The point of this is that four months is long enough to achieve something or at least see if its working for me and going the right direction. If it isn’t working, I can reflect and redirect without losing a whole year at achieving my goal.

The way I do this is by creating an action plan for the first quarter of year, keeping my year end goals in mind. For example, if I know my goal is to have written 100 blog posts before the end of the year, I will break that down into 25 blog posts for the first quarter and focus only on that from January to April. Once that’s accomplished successfully, I’ll focus on another 25 blog posts and so on. Do you see how much more narrowed your focus becomes?! Give it a try!

how to achieve your goals infographic
10 Steps On How To Achieve Your Goals

How To Set Goals For 2022

1. Write Down Your Goals

Neuroscience will tell you that when you write down your goals, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. That’s already a whole free 42% towards achieving your goals by simply writing them down! You can go a step further on this by writing down an implementation intention. This is when you write down when, where and at what time you will perform your goal.

For example, ‘After the new year, I will perform a 21 minute HITT workout on Monday (Specify DAY) at 6pm (Specify TIME) in the gym (Specify PLACE). The key is to specify your day, time and place. That is how you create a successful implantation intention. In the book Atomic Habits, a study conducted showed that 91% of people who did exactly this were successful!

2. Get Clear On What You Want

Not being clear on your goals is like driving to a new destination for the first time without a roadmap. Once you sit with yourself and get clear on everything you want, you can then set goals and work towards them. Many people aren’t clear on the things they want in life so its hard to even consider setting goals. Consider knowing what you want in life, already a step up into the right direction. If you don’t know what you want, its not the end of the world either. You have a blank slate in front of you, with a world of possibilities ahead! Just sit down, get quiet and see what aligns with who you are and what you want out of life.

3. Benefits Of Setting Goals

As you can see already, there are already so many benefits of setting goals. Just by sitting down, setting goals, getting clear on them and writing them down, you are already getting a head start on achieving them compared to people who don’t practice this. When you set goals, you’re more likely to increase your performance and be motivated to achieve them. Achieving a goal is hard enough, but if you want to know how to achieve your goals, its best to start somewhere and a great start is to set some! You have all the tools and resources in front of you to get to where you need to go and achieve your life goals.

What Is SMART Goal Setting ?

Many of us have heard the term SMART Goals before. If you want to know how to achieve your goals in 2022, this is another great systematic approach in doing so. SMART Goals serve as a goal-setting guide that can help motivate you and keep you focused in achieving your goals. The acronym stands for Specific Goals, Measurable Goals, Achievable Goals, Realistic Goals and Time Goals. SMART Goals can be used to achieve any type of goals such as life goals, personal growth goals, relationship goals, work and career goals or personal finance goals or business goals. Applying this criteria helps measure your goals and objectives in order to achieve them. Let’s break each of them down so we can understand them better!

Specific SMART Goals

Setting specific goals means being clear and unambiguous about your goals. Ask yourself about the details of your goal. What exactly do you want? Why and how? When you set specific goal, it helps you to get clear on the little details you need to perform in order to achieve it. An example of a specific goal is, “I want to write a book in one year.”

Measurable SMART Goals

Measurable goals means setting clear goals and objectives that can physically achieved. This focuses on the little wins towards your bigger goals. The point of measurable goals is to see progress taking place on the way to your bigger goal. An example of a measurable goal is, “I have completed writing one chapter of my book for the beginning of the year.”

Achievable SMART Goals

Setting an achievable goal means that your goal needs to be possible to do. Ask yourself if you goal is actually attainable. For example, if you want to become a New York No. 1 Best Seller, but you self-published your book, this is an unattainable goal. In order to achieve that goal your book has to be represented by an accredited publisher or publishing company.

Realistic SMART Goals

Setting realistic goals means asking yourself if your goal is actually relevant to what you want. You have to also consider whether you actually have the resources and means to accomplish your goal. For example saying, “I want to publish a best selling book within a month,” is a very unrealistic goal to set, especially without any help such as an editor, publisher or research.

Timed SMART Goals

A timed goal needs to have a clearly defined time period. In order to achieve your goal, it is important to set timed targets for your goals to be achieved in order to light a bit of fire under your butt to get things done! For example, “I will write complete one chapter of my book, each month.

SMART Goals Infographic
SMART Goals Cheat Sheet

List Of Goals To Set For Yourself : Examples of Goals To Set For 2022

If you want to know what are some good future goals, here are some inspiring life goals you can set for yourself in 2022. I’ve compiled a list for each category in case you needed some motivation in setting goals for the new year!

Personal Growth Goals (Examples of Personal Growth Goals for 2022)

  • Journal More
  • Achieve Self-Awareness
  • Meditate Daily
  • Watch Less TV
  • Become More Productive
  • Contribute To Society
  • Spend More Time With Pets
  • Travel
  • Read More
  • Help Someone In Need
  • Become More Learned
  • Create A Better Sleeping Routine
  • Get Out In Nature
  • Become Independent
  • Learn How To Play An Instrument
  • Pick Up A New Language
  • Start A New Sport
  • Get Into A New Hobby

Fitness Goals (Examples of Health & Fitness Goals for 2022)

  • Eat Healthier
  • Workout Everyday
  • Get 10 000 Steps In Each Day
  • Drink 2 Liters of Water A Day
  • Practice Yoga Every Morning
  • Learn A New Workout Routine
  • Lift Weights
  • Learn How To Meal Prep
  • Educate Yourself On Healthy Living
  • Create A Skincare Routine
  • Visit The Doctor For A Checkup
  • Visit The Dentist Twice This Year

Career Goals (Examples of Career Goals for 2022)

  • Get The Corner Office
  • Ask For A Raise
  • Get Up To Date On All Your Work
  • Get Ahead On All Your Work
  • Become More Proactive
  • Contribute More
  • Find A Job
  • Create A Business
  • Write A Business Plan
  • Work On Bringing In More Clients

Personal Finance Goals (Examples of Finance Goals for 2022)

  • Make More Money
  • Build A Good Credit Score
  • Automate Your Accounts
  • Learn How To Do Your Own Taxes
  • Create A Savings Plan
  • Budget Better
  • Read More Financial Advice Books
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Save Money
  • Invest
  • Spend Less Money
  • Create An Emergency Fund
  • Become Financially Independent

Relationship Goals (Examples of Relationship Goals for 2022)

  • Read Educational Books on How To Improve Your Relationship
  • Go Out On A Date
  • Fight Better
  • Treat Your Partner With More Respect
  • Learn Self-Love
  • Have Date Night Once A Week
  • Make Time for Your Partner More
  • Do Something Nice Each Day For Your Partner
  • Help Where You Can
  • Learn Each Others Love Languages
  • Speak Kindly To One Another

Student Goals (Examples of Student Goals for 2022)

  • Do your Homework Everyday
  • Get A’s In School
  • Get Ahead On Your Work
  • Focus More On Your Weak Subjects
  • Improve On Your Strong Subjects
  • Get A Tutor
  • Make Friends With A Study Buddy

How To Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever

If you want to make 2022 your best year ever, you’re gonna need to stay motivated all year round. Sure, knowing how to achieve your goals is about being consistent, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help to inspire you along the way. It’s always good to have little reminders around you of what you’re trying to accomplish. Here are some of my favorite tools and resources you can use to get you inspired all year round!

Create A Vision Board (Examples Of Vision Boards for 2022)

I love creating vision boards each new year. They are a good way to always have a reminder in front of you of all the goals you want to achieve. When creating a vision board you go either one of three ways. You could either create a traditional vision board, a digital one or an index card vision board.

  • Traditional Vision Board

A traditional vision board is your typical type of vision board. You can cut out a bunch of pictures, words, quotes, affirmations and sayings that resonate with your goals for 2022 and stick them onto a large piece of board.

  • Digital Vision Board

A digital vision board is just like a traditional vision board, except all those images that resonate with you and remind you of your goals, are on your phone, laptop or whatever digital device it is you’re using. You can create a digital vision board using PinTerest, by creating a ‘board’ on there with all your favorite ‘pins’ (images). You can also make your digital vision board your wallpaper on your laptop by using Canva to compile a few images together and then screenshot that to use it as your wallpaper on your phone too!

  • Index Card Vision Board

I recently watched this pretty awesome method of creating a vision board using index cards. The idea is to simply write down things that inspire you, resonate and remind you of all your goals. If for some reason you no longer need a card in your deck, you can simply just toss it out or if you want to add something onto it, you can easily do so by just making an extra card. This is actually great for those who want something private, small, tangible and compact!

Hold Yourself Accountable

A great way to motivate yourself for the new year is hold yourself accountable to your goals and routines. You can do this by putting money on it, asking a friend to hold you accountable or setting reminders on phone for achieving little day to day things and why you must stick to them! For example, if you set a goal to stop eating junk food during the week, each time you break your goal you have to hold yourself accountable by putting the same amount of money you spent on that food into a savings account or pay it up to someone. The point is, it needs to sting a little when you do something you know you shouldn’t be doing!

Reward Yourself

On the reverse side, each time you stick to a good habit, reward yourself for it! If you do a full workout, reward yourself with an episode of Netflix. If you stick to writing a blog post, reward yourself with being allowed to check your phone after. These little incentives you give yourself can really help push you to do more good habits and feel good about them. Good feelings associated with good habits are key in knowing how to achieve your goals!

Keep A Habit Tracker

Another great system to hold yourself accountable is to keep a habit tracker. A habit tracker not only makes you feel good once you see how consistent you’ve been with your good habits, but it also makes you feel the pinch of losing your streak when you skip a habit. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll want to keep up to your streaks of working out, eating healthy, not watching TV for a day and so on, once you start seeing those little tracking blocks pile up!

Reflect On Your Goals and Objectives

Its always important to go back and look at where and how you went wrong in the past, reflect on it and see how you can improve your method towards reaching your goals and objectives. When you review your previous goals and objectives, you’re able to determine how to reach them in a better way. I highly recommend taking some time out and reflecting.

Ask yourself questions like, was my method doable? How can I improve my strategy? How can I better motivate myself each day to be consistent? What goals and objectives still relate with me and what does not anymore? By doing this reflection exercise, you can save yourself time on wasting your efforts and energy on routines that are no longer serving you or the goals you want to achieve.

Breakdown Your Goals

If you feel like your goals are overwhelming you, breakdown your goals into smaller goals. You can do this by creating weekly goals, monthly goals or seasonal goals. Another thing you can do is to focus on the categories of your life that you want to improve. For example, categorize your goals into personal goals, relationship goals, career goals, health & fitness goals and so on. You do not have to take on all your goals at once, in fact that’s a surefire way for you to feel like giving up. Again, focus on your systems instead of your goals. When you focus on your systems, you are more likely to get things done in 2022 and achieve your goals.

As I mentioned in my above point in ‘how to achieve your goals in 2022,’ create a quarterly action plan based on your goals for the year. The more your breakdown your goals, the more doable they become. Even if that means simply focusing on one day at a time. You can also implement a daily routine to help achieve your goals for the year, where you focus on doing 1% better each day, to reach your goals for the end of that quarter of the year.

Create A Daily Routine

When you create a morning and evening routine for yourself that incorporate all the habits you’re trying to implement in your daily life, you will get one step closer to your goals. Routines help build repetition and we become the things we do! With that said, a routine is essential in goal-setting and achieving your goals. You can aim do become 1% better each day and work towards achieving your goals by year end, if you simply incorporate one little thing you have to do each day to get to where you want to go. For example, if your goal is to become better at drawing, you can implement 15 minutes of drawing into your daily routine. By the end of the year, those 15 minutes a day will compound over time you’ll inevitably achieve your goal at having become better at drawing!

My Blogging Goals For 2022

  • Remain Consistent: One of my biggest goals for 2022 is to remain consistent with this blog! I’ve had it for the longest time but never actually gave it much attention or effort. This year however, I plan on changing that!
  • Improve Old Blog Posts: Another blogging goal of mine is to work on improving my old content. My writing style and what I have to share now has changed so much from when I first started this blog and I really would love for that to show up in all of the content I create on here.
  • Create 100 Blog Posts: I really want to create amazing, long format, quality content on my blog because I absolutely love writing and have so much to share on here with the rest of the world on how to improve their lives! My goal is to create 100 blog posts that I am really proud of by the end of this year.

How I Plan To Stay Consistent With My Goals

  • Focusing On My System: Instead of focusing on my goals and creating unnecessary anxiety for myself, I plan on staying consistent by focusing on my systems that I have put into place for myself. I’m so serious about it that I’ve given myself a head start in December already! If you’re wondering, my system includes me posting at least 25 pieces of good quality content, for every four months of the year on my blog to help me achieve my goal of reaching 100 blog posts by the end of the year.
  • Always Educating Myself: Educating myself more on how to achieve my goals always inspires me to do better. I feel like the more I accumulate knowledge, the better I understand how things work and the more I want to make them work. I am constantly inspired when I read books, watch video and tutorials on how to improve my writing skills for blogging. Its almost like a piecing the puzzle together for me on how to reach my goal!
  • Reading Inspiring Books: Reading books on how to improve my habits, life and achieve my goals and overall just live up to my full potential really inspires me. It also gives me more to think about and write about. I don’t think I could write the way I do or even have a blog if I didn’t read. Reading really helps open up my mind and makes me feel confident in my thinking.
  • Watching TED Talks & Motivational Videos: I love consuming motivational content that has a scientific approach to it. I’m really into learning about how our brain works and how to use it to our advantage. I find this kind of thing so inspiring and useful to know because it reminds me of just how powerful we as humans are in shaping the trajectory of our lives just with the way we choose to think!
  • Listening To Inspiring Podcasts: Whenever I need some extra motivation, I always listen to podcast from some of my favorite content creators. I will soak up any opportunity I can to not stare at a screen where necessary so podcasts are quite a big deal for me. I also think its very important to listen to people who are on the path you want to be on and here their success story of how they got there. This helps me to stay consistent with my goals and reminds me that everything I go through now will be worth it one day!

Thank You!

I hope this post helps you to achieve your goals in 2022 and make it your best year yet! I’m curious to know what your biggest goal for 2022 is so leave a comment down below and let’s all support and motivate each other to stay strong, all year long!


Alana – Mae


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