How To Become A Morning Person


Good Morning, Beautiful!

Now believe me when I say… I. Am. Not. A ‘Morning Person’. Well, that was after my newly adapted morning routine.

Day upon day I would convince myself that I needed to wake up earlier than usual to get this and that done but in the end, I’d just hit snooze again. Relatable? Great!

See, the key to becoming a morning person is to find something to look forward to. All I was telling myself was that I had to do (in the words of Rihanna) work, work, work and more work! Who would ever want to wake up to that? 

Some how one morning I decided I wanted to try a new workout plan. Believe it or not, this really excited me. I actually woke up half an hour earlier than my normal planned time because I was super stoked to try out the new workout plan, 4am to be precise.

Another little fact, may I add to your benefit, was that I prepped the night before. My water bottle was ready, I slept in my gym clothes and even had my regime written down in my planner.

See, the key to becoming a morning person, is having those little incentives in place that will excite yourself.

Here’s how to become an Early Bird:

  • Change your mindset

Yip. It all starts up there. The biggest misconception we make is thinking that mornings have to be a struggle. Fear not, we can change this subconscious belief by convincing ourselves that early mornings are awesome by merely speaking this out. Also, we should have some type of discipline when taking on these steps and only you have control over that part which you are in full control of!

  • Set Your Alarm to Trick Your Mind

Okay this may seem so evil since its no snooze intended BUT, it works! Setting your alarm to an hour earlier than the actual time tricks your mind into thinking that you’re running late, hence more gets done quicker since times flying, hence when you wake up in the morning, deep sleep and all, your brain has no time to grab the concept except to think, “OMG I’VE BEEN ASLEEP AN HOUR EXTRA WE GOTTA WAKE UP RIGHT NOW!”

You’re welcome.

  • Prep the night before

Put everything together the night before. Get that gym bag and lunch bag set before you go to bed. Little tasks that may seem small but they take up time in the mornings and this causes you to rush things and therefore your opinion on early mornings has lead you to this article… When you wake up and see all your things are laid out and organised you not only feel productive to take on more but you also have more time to do so.

  • Have an incentive

This is where the excitement of your morning routine comes in. Have an incentive, whether its a new hobby or even to get in some extra reading time. I’ve recently created a new vision board and every morning I wake up, I  can’t wait to look at it and visualize all my goals coming true. This also inspires me to be more productive throughout the day. So even if your incentive is to spend a few minutes watching your favorite YouTuber (have a strict limit), it must be something YOU look forward to doing.

  • Get out of bed

This is probably the biggest mistake I made. I always use to just stay in bed and end up going right back to sleep. A neat trick I learned was that after I woke up, I’d make my bed and brush my teeth (no pun intended). This already gave me the ‘wake up call’ I needed to not go back to sleep as tempting as it was. When I used to stay in bed and just try waking myself up I’d go right back to sleep withing the next five minute. So its best you get out of your comfort zone, literally.

So now that you’ve learnt how to force yourself out of being lazy, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Want more? Click Subscribe to get new posts delivered straight into you inbox. Stay safe & enjoy the week ahead!




Alana – Mae


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