How To Become That Girl In 2022

In the late 2010’s, it was the e-girl, after that dawned the era of the VSCO girl and now a new girl is in town and her name is ‘That Girl.’ Everyone wants to know how to become that girl in 2022. She’s the girl who meditates, journals, works out, stays on top of her game and looks good while doing it all. By now, we’ve all heard about the ‘That Girl’ trend. If you’re on TikTok or PinTerest, there’s no way you haven’t come across it.

What Is The That Girl Trend On TikTok?

The ‘That Girl’ trend was inspired by the ‘glow up’ culture when quarantine began. During this time many girls wanted to use the time in lockdown for self-improvement. The ‘That Girl’ trend is based off of this idea, except it embodies the concept of a girl who has already ‘glowed up’ her lifestyle, routines and aesthetic. She has aspects of her life together and always looks good doing it.

How To Become That Girl In 2022
How To Become ‘That Girl’ In 2022

Is The That Girl Trend Toxic?

I can see how this trend could become toxic, if you’re pushing yourself beyond your limits, trying to fit in and become an ‘aesthetic.’ However, if you’re using this trend in a healthy way, to inspire and motivate you to become the best version of yourself, then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I’ve given thought to how growing up, there were trends like the VSCO girl and e-girl. If anything I would have thought society would give more worry to these purely superficial trends and less about one that encourages self-improvement. From what I’ve gathered the ‘that girl’ trend not only focuses on appearance, but also on living an overall healthy and balanced life that encourages looking and feeling good on the inside and outside too.

The part where this trend could get toxic however, is when girls feel they need to keep up with social media and update everyone on how ‘well’ they are doing. This is not a healthy way to approach this trend if you are doing it for the sake of posting Instagram pictures or PinTerest pins. This will only lead to you seeking external validation and losing your worth in the end when you no longer receive it.

How To Approach The ‘That Girl’ Trend In A Healthy Way

Sure, its great to watch videos of other girls inspiring you to become ‘that girl’ and of course you can do the same if it makes you feel good, but just make sure to have a healthy balance. Don’t just do things for the sake of showing you ‘fit an aesthetic.’ This is where you can lead yourself into a downward spiral. I know way too many people who go out, spend money and do things just for the sake of a photo opportunity these days. The best and healthiest way to approach this trend, is to focus on becoming the best version of yourself for you, not anyone else.

How I’m Approaching Becoming ‘That Girl’

I personally love the idea of this trend. It motivates me to do what I’ve always wanted for myself, and that is to live a more healthy and well balanced life. I’ve been through a lot last year and since its the beginning of a new year, I think the best way to start out is by focusing on my self-improvement. It’s really important to me to just narrow down my focus on becoming a better version of myself. I feel like this trend can also help me to achieve my goals for 2022 by keeping me inspired all year round.

By the end of this year I would love to solidify some healthy routines in my life, be more put together physically and mentally and overall look and feel better from the inside out. I think there is no better feeling than that! So if you want to learn how to become ‘that girl’ in 2022 with me, let’s get into some tips!

That Girl PinTerest Aesthetic Ideas
‘That Girl’ Aesthetic

What Does It Mean To Become That Girl?

Becoming ‘that girl’ means that you have your life together. It isn’t just about looking good on the outside, owning a bullet journal or drinking green juice everyday. It’s about incorporating healthy routines, being disciplined, managing your time better and being able to take care of yourself mentally and physically. If you really think this trend is something you want for yourself, ask yourself if you’re still willing to do all of these things once this trend is over? Trends come and go, but ‘that girl’ stays. She keeps doing her, she keeps working on herself and she never drops the ball on her goals or herself!

1. That Girl Has A Strong Work Ethic

If you want to learn how to become ‘that girl’ in 2022, know that it isn’t easy. ‘That girl’ has a strong work ethic. If she doesn’t know how to do something at work or school, she doesn’t stay stuck, she finds a way until she figures it out! She puts in the time and effort it takes to get things done at work, school or on a business level in order to get the best result possible. As much as ‘that girl’ is hard at work, she also still keeps to her workout schedules, wakes up on time and still sticks to her routines.

Sure, there are sleepless nights working on projects and trying to stay ahead of the game, but more often than not, ‘that girl’ knows how to keep a work-life balance. She doesn’t let her life slip away at anything and is always on top of her game.

2. That Girl Is Always Put Together

‘That girl’ knows that the way she portrays herself is the way others will portray her. She knows that when she puts effort into her appearance and her space, she is showing those around her that she values and respects herself and expects this from those who want to be in her life too. Looking good all the time and having her apartment in check doesn’t come from a place of superficiality, it comes from a place of self-love and respect. ‘That girl’ knows that you cannot expect anyone to love you if you cannot love, respect and treat yourself the way you wish to be treated.

3. She Values Herself

That girl respects herself and values her time. She has worked too hard and been through too much in her life to worry about what anyone else thinks. ‘That girl’ knows her worth and doesn’t take disrespect lightly, nor will she tolerate it. She only allows people, situations and things into her life that are worthy of her. ‘That girl’ only wants to move up in life, so she is careful of who she lets in, who stays and who has to go. This goes for her own habits and flaws too. She knows that in order to attract better, she has to say ‘no’ to what isn’t matching her vibration. ‘That girl’ has self-respect enough to let go (as painful as it may be sometimes), in order to keep her standards high and attract better.

4. That Girl Is Not Perfect

Contrary to popular belief, that girl is not perfect, nor does she try to be. She is simply putting her best foot forward each day. ‘That girl’ is not trying to be someone else or live up to anyone else’s expectations. She is just working at becoming the best version of herself everyday by focusing on own journey.

‘That girl’ cries, she makes mistakes, fails, gets her heart broken, experiences trauma and goes through life like we all do. Despite it all, she still moves on and up. She knows life isn’t linear, but chooses to take control of what she can in order to get to where she wants to go.

5. She Prioritizes Her Wellbeing

‘That girl’ prioritizes her wellbeing by taking care of herself both mentally and physically. Not only does she lead a healthy lifestyle physically by staying active, she keeps her mental health and selfcare in check too. She does her meditation, journals, relaxes and takes time off when she needs it. This doesn’t mean she allows herself to slip out of her routines or get stuck in a rut. She still prioritizes what has to get done, but she takes things at an easier pace until she’s ready to go in full force again.

6. That Girl Has A Presence Of Mind

‘That girl’ knows who she is and what she wants. She’s sweet and kind, but clear and direct when she has to be. She knows doesn’t give up her opinions, ideals and beliefs for the sake of anyone else. This doesn’t mean she goes around bashing anyone who doesn’t agree with or opposes her. It simply means that she won’t just blindly follow what doesn’t sit right with her for anything or anyone. She makes it clear that what she wants matters too because its not her job to please anyone.

what it means to become that girl
What It Means To Become ‘That Girl’

Ask Yourself ‘Why’ You Want To Become That Girl In 2022 ?

With any change you’re trying to make in life, its important to ask yourself ‘why?’ If you want to know how to become ‘that girl’ in 2022, having a strong reason why will be your most motivating factor. In order to make lasting change, you have to actually want it. Knowing where your ‘why’ helps you do exactly this, so let’s get into some reasons ‘why’ you may want to become that girl.

  • WHY Improve Your Personal Growth?

Maybe you want to improve your life overall. You can set new routines that align with your new goals. For example, your routine can include wake up early, eating breakfast every morning, going for a long walk or working out, read a chapter each morning, journaling, meditating and more.

  • WHY Become More Productive ?

Maybe you’re tired of being stuck in a rut and are ready for a change. It can be good for you to start setting new routines in this case, to help you get up and get going. Perhaps, you may also have something you want to achieve and in order to achieve anything you have to work at it and be consistent! Becoming productive can help you do that. Whether you’re trying to learn a new skill, complete your degree or trying to start a blog, becoming more productive can help you.

  • WHY Workout and Eat Healthy?

Maybe you’ve been binging too much this holiday or perhaps you haven’t been consuming the right nutrients for your body and can feel you need a change. Eating healthy can help give you more energy and feel better. Perhaps, you also aren’t feeling confident in your own skin and want to change your appearance. Working out can be a great way to achieve this.

What Is My ‘WHY’ On Becoming That Girl?

My ‘why’ on becoming ‘that girl’ comes from wanting to simply improve every area of my life and achieve balance in my life. I also really want to achieve things like improving my personal finance, improving my blog this year and just leading a healthy lifestyle. Achieving all these things will for sure help improve the quality of my life and make me feel happier! Let’s get into some of my best tips on how to become ‘that girl’ in 2022.

15 Steps On How To Become That Girl In 2022 :

Before we get into these tips on how to become that girl, I just want to make it clear that this is in no particular order and you do not have to follow all these steps. It would be unrealistic to do so. This is just a mere guideline for you to take what you think will work for you and leave what doesn’t. For now, I hope you enjoy my tips on how to become ‘that girl’ in 2022!

Step 1: Notice The Areas In Your Life That You Want To Improve

First things first, which parts of your life would you like to improve? Get clear on what it is you want for yourself. What are the changes you need to make in your day to day routine in order to become ‘that girl?’ Do you have to wake up earlier? Workout regularly? Practice meditation? Work harder? Whatever it is, sit down with a pen and paper in hand and get clear on where you are lacking in your life, where you want to improve and how you can do that. Once you know what you want you can move onto the next step.

Step 2: Set Specific Goals

This is the exciting part! Setting new goals for yourself is key to self-improvement. The more detailed and specific you are about the goals you want to set and achieve for yourself, the better. Don’t just say I want to shed 15 pounds in three months. Get more detailed by focusing on what systems you are going to put in place in order to achieve that. For example, you can say, “I want to shed 15 pounds in three months so I am going to run on the treadmill for half an hour everyday and lower my carb intake by replacing it with more fruits, veggies and protein.

In other words, focus more on your day to day routines instead of your goals. Worry more about how you can achieve things instead of just what you want to achieve. Remember, the whole idea of ‘that girl’ is that she takes action everyday and gets things done.

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Step 3: Get Into Alignment With Your Higher Self

Once you’ve set new goals, start getting into alignment with who you want to become by embodying that type of person. If you want to know how to become that girl, then embody her. Picture the things you would be able to do and keep up with each day as someone who is ‘that girl.’ I also like referring to this concept as your higher self. Your higher self is the best version of yourself. What are the day to day tasks, routines and things the best version of yourself would do? Ask yourself what would my higher self do in this situation? How would she handle this problem? And then begin to show up as her.

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Step 4: Create A Morning Routine For Yourself

One of the most important things ‘that girl’ does is she has a morning routine. Her morning routine is filled with selfcare, productivity and priming herself for the day ahead. If you noticed the that girl trend is all about the girl who wakes up early and gets everything done. In order to become hyper-productive you have to give yourself a head start and waking up early is one way to do this.

If you want, you can even get the biggest task of your day done first thing in the morning and reward yourself with selfcare after by reading a book or having a coffee. Whatever it is, set a morning routine that aligns with you, your goals and your schedule. MimiBee is someone who really knows how to embody a ‘that girl’ morning routine, I highly recommend listening to her podcast if you’re looking for some inspiration on creating your own morning routine.

Step 5: Take Pride & Put Effort Into Your Appearance

We all know that girl is always put together. Its as if she has her own personal stylist. However the key to looking your best is doing what’s best for you. In order to do what’s best for you, you have to do your research. Know what colours suit you, what hairstyle, make up and jewelry looks best on you. Know what style of clothing, fit and cuts are perfect for your body type? Don’t look at another girl and try to copy what works for her. The reason it works so well is because she’s put in the time and effort into figuring out what best suits her. Do the same for you.

Grooming yourself and taking pride in your appearance can make you feel really confident and put together. Get your nails done, learn how to do your makeup to enhance your skin tone and features, explore your favorite scents, build a wardrobe you love and create a skincare routine. If you want to educate yourself on taking better care of your skin, I highly recommend checking out Skincare by Hyram on YouTube.

Step 6: Eat A Healthy & Balanced Diet

In order to look your best on the outside, you have to do the inner work too. Make sure you’re hydrating with lots of water, take your supplements, stay away from sugar and the sun (these age your skin), consume more protein (women actually need more protein in their bodies than men do), do your cardio and get your green in. The most important thing is that you consume a healthy and balanced diet overall, along with moving your body everyday. If you find it difficult to hold yourself accountable, get a trainer, join a yoga class or get a gym buddy.

My Favorite Fitness YouTubers:

  • Vicky Justiz : She has the perfect at home workout videos and I love how realistic she is with it.
  • Liezl Strydom: Liezl has been on an incredible weight loss journey. She does things in a healthy and realistic way too.

Step 7: Put Effort Into Your Space

If you’ve noticed anything about the ‘that girl’ trend its that she takes pride in her space. Her yoga mat is always rolled up neatly in a corner, there aren’t any clothes thrown around on her bed and her plants are well taken care. She knows that her space is a reflection of how she feels on the inside and vice versa. If you’re wondering how she maintain such a clean, neat and tidy space all the time, its because she maintains good habits.

You don’t have to constantly be deep cleaning your space in order to keep it clean and tidy. You simply just have to maintain good habits, like washing the dishes as soon as you see them in the sink, putting away your laundry as soon as you get them out of the dryer or cleaning up your vanity before you leave the house. Being that girl is about consistent maintenance.

‘That Girl’ Tip: If you can get it done in five minutes, get it over and done with now.

Step 8: Stay Ahead Of Your Game

Whether you’re a student, business owner or work a full time job, whatever your occupation is, make sure you stay on the ball. That girl values her education, job and anything that adds value to her life. Even if you’re simply taking an Art class or learning a new language, always stay ahead of the game. By this I mean, be organized, do not procrastinate your tasks and always put your best foot forward. ‘That girl’ is always doing well at school, she always has it together at work and knows how to handle her business.

Step 9: Work On Becoming Financially Independent

A crucial part of becoming ‘that girl’ means that you do not depend on anybody financial. It doesn’t matter whether you have a waitressing job or the corner office. All that matters is you have proof that you are competent enough to provide for yourself. Again, you do not have to earn a large salary to do this or go get a new apartment on your own in order to become that girl. I know many of us are still in our twenty’s and figuring life out. All I’m saying is, work towards your financial independence so that you are able to hold your own.

Start by finding building the skills you need in order to find yourself a good, credible job. You can even pick up a small waitressing job in the meantime. Once you earn a steady income, work on building a good credit score, have all your ducks in a row, find ways of creating new income, read more and educate yourself on how to improve your personal finance. One of my all time favorite personal finance books to read is You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. Each time I read this book, I somehow end up making more money. I highly recommend it!

Step 10: Get Your Life-Admin In Order

The basis of becoming that girl is essentially to get your life admin in order. When I talk about life admin, I mean the little time consuming things we all have to do like paying the rent on time, cleaning our apartments, getting fresh groceries for the week and booking a grooming appointment for Fido. Whatever it may be in your case, make sure you stay on top on things. My best tip for you is to automate things where you can as much as possible by making use of technology. Many grocery stores have apps you can use to save you time driving down to the store. You can also pay your bills on time by automating them or even delegate your household duties to someone else by hiring a house keeper once a week to deep clean.

Step 11: Keep A Planner

All of these things can be a lot to do and see to. So I highly recommend getting yourself a planner or a bullet journal to keep track of your to-do lists for the days, weeks and months ahead. We can’t always trust our minds to remember everything so writing them down in planner is your best bet. This can help you to better organize yourself and give you less to stress about.

I usually like to sit down at the beginning of the month and plan out the weeks ahead with important days, events, tasks and all sorts of other things I have to do. I also create a monthly budget for myself and write down my income, expenses and savings plan for the month.

Step 12: Practice Selfcare

‘That girl is a busy one, so its important to take things down a notch from time to time and practice selfcare. By selfcare I don’t mean just lazing around, eating junk food all day and binging on Netflix. I mean actually healthy acts of selfcare like finding time to get quite everyday and meditate or do some yoga or journaling. Its important to give your mind and body the time and space it needs to recuperate throughout your busy day. If you’re busy working all day, take frequent five minute breaks to step outside in nature before you get back on the job or if you’re studying for an exam, take an hour each day to workout or journal. Whatever your schedule is, make time for little acts of selfcare at least once or twice in your day.

Step 13: Prioritize Your Mental Health

‘That girl’ not only prioritizes her physical health but she values her mental health too. If she goes through something or needs time off, she takes it. She also educates herself on what is best for the betterment of her mental health. Whether that means going to therapy, taking a day off, hiring a life coach or spending time with a loved one.

Step 14: Read Motivational Book, Listen To Podcasts & Watch Inspiring Videos

Your best bet to becoming ‘that girl’ and becoming the best version of yourself is educating yourself on self-improvement. The way to start is by listening to motivational and inspiring podcasts, watching TED Talks or YouTube videos or other peoples success stories and reading books on self-improvement. In my opinion, I love getting these in wherever I can to keep me pumped up throughout my day. If I’m working out for example, I’ll listen to a podcast by Isabel Palacios, Kalyn or Ed Mylett. These are just a few of my favorite podcasts that are not just motivational but educational too. The more you surround yourself with this type of positive influence, the more you embody it.

Step 15: Use Social Media As Positive Reinforcement

Okay so I’m admittedly not a huge lover of social media but I know many of you are. I’m also aware that the ‘that girl’ trend is a whole aesthetic to some people and a great opportunity to take photos of what you’re doing day to day. However, I still stand by what I said in being careful not to seek validation from this trend. However, you can use social media to inspire you to continue your healthy lifestyle by creating cute photos and putting together little stories of what you’re doing. I think looking back on your day can be really inspiring and motivate you to keep going in a healthy way.

that girl checklist
‘That Girl’ Checklist

5 Tips On How To Become ‘That Girl’ In 2022 :

I think its important before you embark on your ‘that girl’ journey to remember a few key things!

Tip 1. Stop Being Too Hard On Yourself

I know how changing your lifestyle can become a lot if you’re taking on too much at once. So please, take things slow and do these steps at your own pace. You don’t have to achieve everything at once so don’t put pressure on yourself to do so. Nothing is going to happen in a day, week or even a month. Good, long lasting habits take time to build, so start small and focus on the things you can control right now and everything else will follow later.

Tip 2. Don’t Try To Become Someone Else

Remember to stay in your own lane and focus on doing what is best for you. Improve yourself for you, not anyone else. Often times trend like this can become a bit toxic fast, because we compare ourselves to others. My best tip is to stay in your own lane and focus on your own progress. The more you hone in on yourself and stop wasting your time and energy competing or comparing yourself to others, the quicker you’ll reach your goals.

Tip 3. Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of your progress or documenting your journey can be a great way to motivate yourself. You can do this by using social media stories, keeping a daily progress journal or taking before and after pictures. I really recommend also setting up a habit tracker in your planner. This is a great way to look back at your days and see where you’ve improved, which habits need more attention and which are already doing well.

Tip 4. Reward Yourself

Make sure to reward yourself from time to time when you achieve your little goals and breakthroughs. Using positive reinforcement is a great way to also motivate yourself and keep you going. Go out with friends when after you’ve taken a big exam and studied hard for it. Reward yourself with sushi after finishing a steady pace of workouts all week or buy yourself something cute once you’ve reached your savings goal. The point of living a balanced life is that it is not rigid. Keeping to your habits, routines and goals can be fun.

Tip 5. Make Staying Focused Fun

In saying that, make achieving your goals fun. Set up some healthy competition with a close friend or family member, create a vision board of your goals to help you stay focused or use social media as positive reinforcement. There are so many ways you can make staying focused fun!

What I’m Doing To Become That Girl

  • Waking Up Earlier

When I wake up in the morning, I want to have more energy and perhaps get my biggest task for the day done or get a workout in. I just want to be more productive!

  • Eating Clean

I really want to start eating clean again. I have accomplished this once before and I remember just how amazing I felt from the inside out. This is probably one of my biggest goals. Eating clean for me means focusing on only consuming fruits, veggies, proteins and lots of water throughout my week. Sure a little cheat snack here and there is fine, but I know once I get into a healthy diet I no longer want to break my streak by consuming junk food.

  • Working Out Regularly

I love breaking a sweat when I workout so this is a must for me this year. I really want to get back into my long cardio sessions. These make me feel my best, especially by the end of it when I’m drenched in sweat and feel like I’ve actually done something good. Sounds gross, but its the best feeling ever to know you’ve accomplished another small win in your day.

  • Focusing On Building My Website

Focusing on building my blog is a big part of me becoming that girl in 2022. really want to write more high quality content like this one, and create new courses that I am proud of for my blog. I also would love to start monetizing my blog in other ways and improve my site on a more technical level. My blog for me is probably the biggest goal I have because I know that achieving this one can open so many more doors of opportunity for me!

Thank You!

I hope this post helped you find some inspiration on becoming ‘that girl.’ How do you plan on becoming ‘that girl’ in 2022? Or do you think this trend is toxic? Let me know down in the comments section below!


Alana – Mae

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