The Ultimate Way to Kill Boredom

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear ‘summer vacation’? Obviously fun times, traveling to far places, an unreasonable amount of pool parties, good vibes… and then, there’s boredom. Oh, yes! I said boredom.

Most of us feel bored of even being bored during summer vacay. This becomes a serious problem when it makes us feel depressed and unproductive. No worries though. I’ve got 7 tips on how to kill boredom this summer.

  1. Rescue Your Neurons

It’s known that Alzheimer disease and many other brain diseases are caused by the damage of neurons aka, brain cells. A great way to avoid this type of illnesses is by learning new languages. Scientists have proved that speaking more than 3 languages boosts the brain’s activity and increases intellectual levels. In addition to that, you can talk to a lot of people from foreign countries without using Google Translate for once! That way you’re killing two birds with one stone! It’s a great deal isn’t it?

  1. Improve Your Creativity

Being creative makes you special because you see the world differently. Utilize your free time to improve your creativity by trying something new. Get a hold of those old paint brushes and pencils again and start learning how to express yourself better. You can always start by tracing your favorite paintings so that once you’re able to create your own masterpiece, you can go ahead! Being creative isn’t always about drawing or painting though. For example, you can personalize your notebook or just close your eyes and imagine your dream house or future wedding. Don’t forget to focus on the details. It can come true one day, who knows!

  1. Boost Your Opposite Hemisphere

Another great way to kill boredom is to train your brains opposite hemisphere. It is known that for example, if you use your left hand to do a certain task like writing, then the right hemisphere of your brain will get the order to do the action, therefore you will be boosting your right hemisphere. Learn how to write with your other hand, trust me it is helpful and funny at times. Try to also redo the choreography to your favorite music video for a better connection between your brain and muscles and well, just for fun!

  1. Create an Account

Think about it for a second. Have you ever wanted to buy an accessory but found out it was a rip off? Then why not make your own if you know how to or better yet, sell what you’re good at doing. Invest in your own materials like yarn, wool, etc. Once you finished making a product, create an account to sell what you’ve made so you can gain some income to buy whatever you want. You can also sell old things or maybe even create an Instagram account for quotes or poetry you write.

  1. Put an End to Your Curiosity

Your free time is the perfect time to find the answers to your questions. If you’re interested in science, religion or anything else you can’t stop researching then use your free time to search about the subjects that you are curious about. Challenge yourself to learn something new each day and don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with others.

  1. Refresh Your Memory

We all have good memories from our pasts that make us smile but unfortunately most of them are forgotten. On that note, did you know that everything you remember is saved in a specific place called the Hippocampus within the brain? All you have to do to bring it back is get a hold of your old albums, reminisce and try to relive those awesome moments! It feels so good to realize how you also grown over the years when you look back at how far you’ve come. If you find that giving you good vibes, you can pick the pictures that make you the happiest (like when you graduated, your first trip abroad, a class photo or your wedding day) and stick them in a notebook of memories, add some comments and voilà! This is a keeper to pass down to your future daughter or son.

  1. Get One Step Close to Your Goals

If you have nothing to do, then make a vision board in order to stay in touch with your goals. Sit down alone or go somewhere where you feel comfortable and ask yourself what do I truly love? What do I hate the most? These basic questions are just a way to identify and plan your life. Your future is created by what you know you want in it!


That’s it guys! I hope that these tips were helpful and remember that YOU are responsible for your mood and how you choose to control it. The ball is in your court and by using the tips I’ve mentioned; you can aim it in the right direction!





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