How To Lose Weight During ‘Quarantine-15’

You’ve probably heard of the term ‘Quarantine-15’ by now. If you haven’t, it basically means that by the end lockdown many of us are gonna come out looking 15 pounds heavier! Now, if you’re someone who’s goal is to glow up during quarantine and shed some pounds by the end of it, you might wanna look at ‘quarantine-15’ to lose 15 pounds instead of gaining it. This is where knowing how to lose weight while we’re stuck at home comes in handy.

Look, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting on some weight during this time, so cut yourself some slack. We’re going through a global pandemic after all. Things can get pretty rough to a point where it’s hard to even get out of bed some days. It not only takes a toll on our minds but on our bodies too. However, with that being said, we need to strive for some sort of balance and achieve a healthy mindset about weight loss and how we go about it during this time. Things are already hard enough, so don’t make things harder on yourself. It’s all about reaching your goals from a healthy and happy place.

How To Lose Weight
Quarantine 15 Weightloss Edition

There’s never an easy time to lose weight but the results of getting your dream body are always worth it. Now is the perfect time to glow up during quarantine. Think about how when this is all over you can come out saying you lost 15 pounds during quarantine, instead of gaining it like everybody else! Wouldn’t that feel amazing? To know that you didn’t give into the chaos and you overcame it and achieved your goals instead? Now is the time to transform yourself!

1. The Beginning Is Always The Hardest

Making a change in your lifestyle is never an easy thing to do. It takes time to purge old, bad habits and to learn and adjust to new ones. Learning how to lose weight is no easier, but it can be less daunting when you know how your body works and what to do to get the results you want. Again, this doesn’t happen in a day. We try new things, fail and try again until we get it right. The only time you really fail is when you quit. So don’t let the process discourage you. Be patient with yourself.

The first month is always gonna be the hardest, but once you start seeing the results come in you’re not gonna want to stop. Remember losing weight the healthy way is nothing to be ashamed of. It takes time, so give yourself however long you need. This isn’t only a physical change but a mental one too. Same goes for keeping off the ‘Quarantine-15’ weight too!

2. Understand That You Have To Make Sacrifices

Receiving a change comes with making a change. With that being said, weight loss requires a bit of sacrifice here and there. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself to death and workout two hours a day. It simple means that you have to begin making smarter choices in your day-to-day living. We’ll get more into the actual changes you can make later on, but just going into weight loss with this mindset, of it requiring some sacrifices will already help reduce the on pressure on you.

Now that your brain knows what’s expected of you and what you have to do in order to get to where you need to go, you’ll be able to adapt to these little changes more easily instead of resist them when the time comes. Simply knowing that your ‘change requires some sacrifice,’ is going to help you maintain a level of self-control and discipline that won’t let you give into your impulses so easily. This is why mental preparation is so important too, especially if you’re stuck at home trying to avoid the ‘Quarantine-15!’

3. Remember Your Goal During Tough Times

There are gonna be times where you just wanna cave in and go out drinking with your friends or stop working out for a few days. In those times, you have to remember what it is you want more. Your impulses are something that are always gonna come up from time to time. You need to simply recognise it and not give into it.

When it comes to weight loss our impulses can usually show up in the form of binge eating, over eating, skipping out on workouts or simply just making a lot of bad food choices. Whenever this happens get tired of being stuck, get tired of the old you and those bad habits that only leave you further away from your goals. Knowing what you want more in these moments is always a good way to overcome your urges.

4. Create Balance

In saying the above and avoid the quarantine-15 weight, don’t try to cut out everything at once. You’re not trying to make a temporary change, you’re trying to make a lifestyle change. Setting rigorous standards and being hard on yourself, especially when you’re starting out, will only diminish your progress and discourage you. You will lose your momentum and create an awful cycle that will only frustrate you even more.

This is why you need to create balance in the way you go about losing weight. The only time you’ll find it hard to create a balance is when you’re doing something to please someone else. Your intentions need to be focused on you and want you want out of this, for yourself. In doing this for yourself, you no longer feel the pressure of rushing into things to get quick and easy results. You are able to be patient with yourself, take the time you need and achieve weight loss in a healthy and happy way.

5. Stop Trying To Make Your Body Look Like Someone Else’s

Comparing our start to someone else’s end result is never a good thing. When you do this, you immediately set yourself up for failure, and even when you do reach those results you’ll never be happy with yourself because you’ll always be in comparison with someone else. Aim to become the best version of yourself, that your body could possibly be.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way your body looks, and I don’t need to look at you to even let you know that. The only reason we always fall into the trap of wanting to change the way we look is because of the comparison culture we live in. However, trying to be something you’re not will never make you happy, especially if you’re only doing it for the approval of someone else. Understand that these people who make you feel less than, don’t love or appreciate you to begin with and that you’re worth so much more than that. Do it for you, not them!

6. Surround Yourself With People That Love and Inspire You

This may seem like such a minor thing in becoming the best you can be, but it’s really life changing. Being around people that love, care and respect you for exactly who you are and not what you look like or what you have, is so precious and rare. If you have that, surround yourself with them. These people that respect your transformation, will only ever encourage you to do what’s best for you. Someone who loves you for who you are will never try to change you, they will only encourage you to be your best self, not to look like a rip off of someone else.

7. Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

In keeping off the ‘Quarantine-15’ weight, remember to set realistic goals for your body, things that you know you’re capable of, that won’t make you burnout in a week from now. Create a realistic workout regime for yourself, goals that you know you can crush everyday, and then work your way up from there slowly. When you meet your expectations, this will only build your momentum and push you to keep going for the next weeks, months and years to come. The same goes with your diet!

8. Stop Making Someone Else’s Story Your Own

Our bodies are all different and totally unique to each other, not just in looks but in how they perform as well. Doing what works for someone else who is ten pounds lighter than you may not work as great for you as it does for them, even if they say it does! This is one big mistake we all make. Those people we look up to have usually, have already reached their end result. Maybe they can have an extra cookie here and there, but the truth is that is not your story.

If your story is you need to workout an hour extra to see results, then that is your story. If you’re story is you need to eat a lot healthier to see results then that is your story. Focus on what your body needs to look and feel at it’s best. Stop trying to do what works best for others and do what works best for you instead. Stay in your lane and focus on yourself.

9. Make Better Food Choices

When you’re ordering out with friends or having big family dinners at home, you’re gonna want to enjoy what you’re eating and that’s okay. In this case, try to go for the better food choices that are available to you. Know what foods are good for you versus what’s not so beneficial to your body. If you’re ordering out a lot in a week, choose lower-calorie, lower-sodium options. Make the healthiest choice possible where you know you can. I say low-sodium as well, because salt holds onto water weight, and when you’re aiming to lose weight this can be really bad if you’re eating out frequently. Restaurants are known to add a lot of salt in their meals so be aware of that.

Another tip for making better food choices if you’re going out, is that you don’t need to order a whole entree. Order just a main and dessert or skip out on the starter, or order without having alcohol. The point here is to cut back and compromise, you don’t need to order everything on the menu! At best, go out less and cook home more often, swap out table salt for pink salt instead, and just make better food choices in general whenever you can.

10. Create Healthier Alternatives

It’s always a great idea to create some healthier alternatives of the things you enjoy eating. Whether these are meals or snacks, it will help you eat cleaner and lose weight faster. This will help you to stay on track when those cravings kick in and keep off that extra ‘Quarantine-15’ weight. It’s best to know at least 2-3 healthy recipes you enjoy that you can quickly cook up for yourself. Most times when we’re hungry we jump to whatever’s just laying around. That’s why it’s good to have healthy version of the things you always enjoy laying around in the fridge.

11. Practice Mindful Eating

This is slowly becoming a more sort after practice, especially for those who want to learn how to lose weight. Whenever you sit down to eat, do just that. Switch off the TV, put away your phone and just be mindful of what you’re eating. When you’re mindful of what you’re eating, you’re more aware of how much food you’re putting into your body, therefore you not only become fuller, but more satisfied. This will also help you to digest faster!

Another thing you might’ve not known, is that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to realise that we’ve already eaten, once we’ve finished a full meal. This is why we run back for seconds most times even though we’re not really that hungry at all. Therefore, giving yourself 20 minutes to just let your brain register that its just eaten, this will help you keep off ‘Quarantine-15’ weight gain from overeating too.

12. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Believe it or not, most times you’re not hungry, you’re just thirsty! Hydration is so important for knowing how to lose weight. Most times people who have lost a significant amount of weight will tell you that a lot of the weight they’ve dropped is water weight. This is because of water retention happening in the body that is caused by dehydration. Your body will hold onto all the water it can get if its starved of hydration, so be sure to drink up! This is an easy way to keep off the pounds.

13. Consume More Nutrient Dense Meals

Consuming more nutrient dense meals will help you give your body everything it needs to stay happy and healthy. This means that you will be fuller for longer, and reduce those cravings. When your body is being given a healthy balance of everything it requires it no longer craves the unhealthy, sugary, processed foods.

Make sure your diet consists of healthy, quality proteins. This will help regulate your hunger hormones. So be sure to invest in high quality proteins like eggs, meats, chicken, etc. Veggies, especially leafy greens, healthy fats like olive oil and some type of fibre in each meal is always a good way to go and get all your nutrients in! This reduces binge eating and keeps you full until your next meal too.

14. You’re Allowed To Indulge

Glowing up during quarantine can be a strenuous task, so cut yourself some slack, especially when you’ve been keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. If you want something like a bag of chips, a chocolate or whatever it may be from time to time, then go get it!

Reward yourself now and then. It’s okay to have your guilty pleasures from time to time as long as the majority of your diet is predominantly healthy! Don’t place rigid demands on yourself. Indulge in moderation and actually enjoy it. Stop giving focus to how bad it is for you and look at is as something you’ve earned.

15. Quit Feeling Guilty All The Time

In learning how to lose weight, feeling guilty about bad food choices, only leads to losing momentum, crashing and then giving up. Focus on the good you do instead of the bad and you’ll create more of it in! Learning how to lose weight is not an easy road. There’s always gonna be times where you just want to enjoy something that’s considered ‘unhealthy’ and that’s okay! Don’t restrict yourself from eating certain foods, this will only make you want them and think about them more. Allow yourself the freedom to have whatever you want but within moderation. That is when you create a good balance and make it easier to keep off the ‘Quarantine-15’ pounds!

16. Practice Intermittent Fasting

If you’ve heard about intermittent fasting, you’ve probably heard of the popular 8/16 window. You have an eight-hour eating window period, where you’re only allowed to be eating your meals within these eight hours of your day. Then you have an 18-hour fasting window where you’re no longer eat anything for the rest of the day. That may sound like a lot but it’s really not. The reason I would suggest intermittent fasting for weight loss, and more especially the 8/16 hour window, is because it’s really convenient for most schedules and great for practically everyone! You can start eating by 10:00am and stopping by 18:00pm.

This method is really beneficial to your body and you’re not starving yourself which is what I like about it. Your body also only has about one time day where it’s fat burning process is at its optimal capacity. Intermittent fasting speeds up the weightloss process since digestion naturally takes 6-8 hours! Basically, the goal here is to at least stop eating 6-8 hours before bed.

17. Know What Your Body Doesn’t Need

In learning how to lose weight and keep the ‘Quarantine-15’ pounds away, realise that your body literally does not need sugar, flour or processed foods and alcohol to survive. Just realising this for me, really made me cut out a lot of unhealthy foods. Simply understanding what your body literally does not need, can help you make better food choices.

Another quick little thing here, that a lot of people may not know is that alcohol expands your stomach. So if you’re someone wants to know how to lose weight and see the results quicker, cut back on the alcohol!

18. Avoid Spiking and Crashing

I’m really not about restriction, but I am about doing what’s best for my body to function in a healthiest way possible. With that being said, you should be aware of what you’re eating throughout your day that is causing your insulin levels to spike and crash. Foods that will make you do this are usually things that contain sugar or starch, and are basically known as a carb.

When we eat these carbs all day, throughout the day, it causes our blood sugar to spike and crash and if you’re insulin resist, this is never a good thing. Your best bet is to have that sweet thing like a piece of chocolate, a fruit or carb like a potato, breads or rice. It best to keep it at only one point in your day, to avoid spiking and crashing all day long. Remember, your body only has one fat burning process and you take 6-8 hours to digest your one meal.

So if you notice you haven’t been spiking and crashing all day and are craving some pizza for lunch. Go ahead and have it, then go back to a healthy, nutrient dense meal without carbs or sugars for dinner again. It’s okay to enjoy the foods you love, you’re just doing it in a smarter way.

19. Stop Binge Eating and Overeating

Of course, in losing weight one of the main things people always struggle with is binge eating and overeating. Some good things to help curb those cravings and suppress unnecessary appetite is drinking lots of water. Also notice when you’re just emotional eating, stressed out or if you’ve been skipping meals. Simply just feel the urge to want to binge, stop and go do something else instead. You don’t have to give into it.

Eating until you’re full is also a big no, in learning how to lose weight. You should always eat until you’re satisfied but never to stuff yourself up! All of this expands your stomach. Remember, binge eating and overeating shows you are either lacking nutrients in your diet so be aware of what you’re eating! So to avoid the Quarantine-15′ pounds, know what’s going into your body!

20. Don’t Skip A Workout

Don’t go without working out for more than 72 hours/3 days. This is how long is takes before your muscle that you’ve worked out can turn into fat again. You can literally lose all the progress you’ve been making like this. So keep a good, steady workout plan, that you know you’ll be able to keep up to for yourself. Cardio like running, skipping rope, rowing, etc. are the best workouts for weight loss. However, don’t try to do more than you can manage. This will only make you burn out and leave you discouraged.

21. Self-Discipline is Self-Love

Always remember that self-discipline is what it means to have self-love. Telling yourself, no doesn’t always mean such a bad thing. It’s called Taking care of Yourself. Saying no to yourself when you know something is bad for you, and is only going to harm your body and progress later is a form of self-love. Self-discipline is not restriction, it is self-love.

Practice self-control and don’t give into your impulses. Especially when you know you shouldn’t be doing something. That is how you learn to trust yourself and that only builds up your self-confidence even more.

22. Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself for who you are, the way you are no matter how far you think you are from perfect. Love yourself the way you’d love someone else. Self-confidence is such an important aspect of loving yourself and being happy with the way you look.

Remember, someone who loves you for you wouldn’t care about how you look, it’s always just a bonus that makes ‘you’ feel good. Looking a certain way is not a requirement, however being healthy is. Focus on the aspect of becoming the healthiest, fittest version of yourself possible. The glow up will follow. The point of this end result is achieving a healthy mind, body connection at the end of the day.

Learning how to lose weight doesn’t just happen in a day, neither does achieving it, so please remember to be patient with yourself. Keeping off the quarantine-15 weight can be achieved if you do it with lots of self-love! I hope these tips help you to go forward and get the glow up during quarantine that you desire! If you loved this content and would like to receive more exclusive content each week, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list!


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