How To Make Money Blogging

Welcome to part-two of The Blogging Girl Series! If you’re new here, you might want to view part-one of this series to get what it’s all about! This part of the series is all about how to make money blogging. I know when it comes to blogging one of the main questions on everyone’s mind is, ‘how do bloggers make money?’ Well, today you’re gonna learn just that, as well as how to monetize your blog!

Now that you’ve learnt how to start a blog, it’s time to learn how you can make money blogging. First of all, I just want to say that there is absolutely no shame in wanting to get paid for doing what you love. This is something I felt guilty about when I first started learning how to blog, but at the same time I knew it was the only thing I really wanted to do. Creating high value content is not easy and it takes a lot of time. In fact, most content creators will tell you that blogging is a full time job! You have to be your own boss, marketer, content creator and so much more.

How To Make Money Blogging
Ways To Make Money Blogging

Therefore, if you want to get paid for the content you create there is absolutely no shame in wanting to monetize your blog. So ditch that guilty mindset no matter what anyone tells you! As long as you are providing quality content, that is of benefit to your readers, you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.


This post contains affiliate links. When you use anyone of my links to purchase a product, I earn a small commission off of them, which is of no extra cost to you. This just helps me to continue creating affordable courses and content you love!

1. Why You Should Monetize Your Blog

If you joined the Blogging Girl Series from the beginning, you would know that its aimed to teach how you can live a life where you’re able to have more control of how much you earn, the amount of time you spend working, where you work from and eventually, how to become your own boss. This is one of the many perks of learning how to make money blogging or monetizing your blog! But make no mistake, it’s no walk in the park.

The reason many bloggers monetize their blogs is because it helps them to afford creating quality content that their audience loves. Hosting a blog, maintaining it and finding the right resources to make it look effortless does not come cheap! Especially when you’re starting out with little to no money. This is why bloggers, writers, musicians, artists, YouTubers and all other content creators alike get paid for what they do. It helps support creators and finance their work and lives, like any other job would!

2. The Benefits Of Monetizing Your Blog

One of the awesome things about monetizing your blog, is that you’re able to make a passive income for yourself. This basically means that you’re able to make money in your sleep! This allows you more time, flexibility and freedom in your life to do more things you love doing. It’s really one of the greatest blogging perks! Now with that being said, I don’t recommend you quit your job, and head on straight into blogging. That’s not how it works.

You need to understand that everyone has different rates of success, as well as what may work for you, may not work for others. In blogging, there’s a lot of trial and error at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how things start to pick up and figure out your own pattern of what works for your blog and what doesn’t as you go along. You need to also remember, that you blog is your business. You have to constantly be willing to learn and invest in it to get the best results possible!

3. How To Make Money Blogging

There are tons of ways you can make money blogging. I’m gonna go through a few basics ways below. However, before we jump in just remember that it takes a lot of patience, consistency and perseverance to achieve anything. Especially in blogging, I want to make it clear to you that this isn’t something that just happens over night. You have to build trust with your audience and trust takes time to build. With that in mind, also remember that the only time you fail, is when you quit! So never give up! Keep investing in your blog and learning ways of how to make it grow. The smarter you work (and the harder), the faster your results will follow. Okay let’s get into some ways to make money blogging!

4. PinTerest Marketing

If you’re a blogger that hasn’t hopped onto this trend yet, well then you should! PinTerest is a great way to showcase your content and boost your sales. As a visual search engine, it allows you to be more creative with your marketing through imagery, as well as being able to directly link your content such as blog posts, websites, affiliate links, courses, etc.

When a person scrolls through PinTerest they’re more visually inclined to click on your content, and thereafter click on your links. The key here is to use ‘Keywords’ in your descriptions and titles of the image you’re putting out. If you want to learn more about how PinTerest marketing can boost your sales, increase your readership and subscribers, I highly recommend Ell Duclose’s PinTerest Growth Course. She has an amazing course that teaches you the ins and outs of PinTerest and has a ton of testimonials on how her course has changed peoples lives! Ell, went from being stuck in a waitressing job she hated to being the boss of her own blogging business, all with the PinTerest tips and tricks she teaches in her PinTerest Growth Course!

5. Optimizing Your Blog Posts

If you don’t understand how Search Engine Optimisation works then definitely take a look back at Part One of the Blogging Girl Series. I explain it all in there! More to the point though, this is a great way of monetising your blog. Once you learn how to optimise your blog posts for SEO, using Keywords, you will be able to attract a lot more readers to your blog. These readers then convert to subscribers, and eventually, sales.

You may have noticed that many businesses such as restaurants, clothing stores, hotels, etc. have a blog section on their website. Trust me, there’s a reason for that! They’re able to use tons of keywords in their blog posts, that help boost traffic to their sites. The keywords they use help potential clients find them better, because google’s search engines are now connecting the people searching for those keywords to these businesses websites!

If you would like to learn more about this the way I did, then I highly recommend Nele van Hout’s SEO for Bloggers and Keyword Research Courses. She teaches a great deal of ways on how to make money blogging through using SEO and Keyword Research!

6. Affiliate Links

Another commonly used way that bloggers make money, are through affiliate links. Whenever you see a blogger using one or more of these links, what it usually means is that the product the link takes you to, does not belong to the blogger themselves, but instead it belongs to another person or business. Whenever you use one of these links to purchase the product that the blogger has referred you to, the blogger then earns a certain amount of money off of them. This can range from anything like 5% – 50% or even more sometimes depending on the price of the product and your sponsors policy.

Its a great way for bloggers to earn money and make a passive income, because it’s something you don’t have to constantly be working at. Personally, I don’t promote any products or service on my blog that aren’t related to my content or that I haven’t purchased with my own money, tried and tested, myself. I don’t think it’s fair to lead on your audience on. You should always be open and honest with your audience when using affiliates. It should always be their choice if they want to support you!

7. Online Courses and e-Books

This is the most profitable way to make money blogging I would say. Selling your own products like online courses and eBooks not only allows you to determine how much you want to price your products for, but it also allows you to have more freedom with your pricing and sales. For example, during the holidays you may want to give back to your audience and launch a sale or maybe you want to group together your products and put them up at a higher or lower price. Whatever it is, the choice is yours. You can’t get that type of freedom selling someone else’s products.

Another perk of selling your own courses or e-books is that you are able to earn a passive income. Yes, a lot of promoting has to be done behind the scenes but eventually, you’re gonna start to see how your money and blog starts working for you. Once that first sale hits though, I can assure you, that you’re gonna willingly, wanna put in even more work! The best thing about it is that it doesn’t even cost a cent to make your own ebook. You can literally design one on Photoshop or Canva for free. However, be sure to offer quality content and not just slap something together. People know when you’re doing it just for the sake of money! You have to offer value.

8. Google AdSense

I haven’t actually used Google AdSense before because I’ve heard from a lot more experienced bloggers than myself say that it stumps your opportunities of joining other, more better performing ad services. So personally, I stayed off of this one for that reason. However, if you’re interested in joining Google Adsense, it is a surefire way bloggers make money, but not that much compared to your affiliates, sponsors and personal products I would say.

If you want to make a lot of money through Google AdSense, you would have to have a large audience. AdSense for bloggers also requires a good few demands and can sometimes be tough to get their approval instantly. You have to be consistent with your content and it has to be original. They’re very strict when it comes to a lot of things. So definitely do your research on this one. I’m not saying its hard or impossible to get it, because I’ve seen bloggers with a small audience, that don’t even own their domain name use it and still earn a bit here and there. So if you’re interested definitely submit an application to join and just follow the guidelines they send you back to gain approval!

9. Sponsorships and Brand Deals

This is another way to make money blogging that’s really profitable. Often when bloggers have a large and steady audience, they’re approached by brands that offer them sponsorships. What this means is, a brand will send over their product (in most cases) to the blogger and offer them a certain amount of money, to promote their products on their blog. Many people often find this quite controversial as a lot of influencers come across as very misleading because they’re just trying to hype up a product in order to get a sale.

However, if you’re dealing with sponsorships and brand deals as a means of making money, be sure to always work with brands that you, yourself would want to buy from. Remember, even though your audience may be small, it’s okay if you reach out to brands! Don’t be discouraged by not having big numbers just yet. As long as you’re serious about your blog, have enough content on it and you’re always consistent with your work, go for it! Always reach out to brands that align with you and what your blog stands for!

10. Subscriptions and Memberships

Another way to make money blogging is through setting up subscriptions or memberships for your readers. When you create a membership or subscription service on your blog, you’re offering your readers who are really keen about your content, more exclusive content or even perhaps helpful services. People with a trusting audience, usually offer this type of service because their content is usually quite strong and therefore more in demand. Their audience doesn’t mind paying a little more just to receive something more exclusive from the creator.

Subscription services and memberships are a great way to earn a monthly income. Think about it this way, if you’re charging $25 a month for people to join your membership where you offer a variety of exclusive products and services that your audience will love, and you have at least 10 people subscribed to this membership each month. You’ll be making $250 per month. The content for your membership, of course will have to be updated here and there, but essentially its another passive income stream through your blog!

11. Online Services

Many bloggers offer some type of service as an extra stream of income to make money blogging. They often charge a fee on something that they’re good at doing which will benefit or help their customer and then get paid for it. For example, PinTerest auditing. A person who knows PinTerest really well, will audit your PinTerest by cleaning it up, give you advice and steps on exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing in the future and they would make a some tweaks and changes to your PinTerest to help it perform better.

There are other services that exist like this such as blog auditing, SEO auditing, social media auditing, etc. Life coaching is also a service you could offer if that’s your thing, but the options of what services you could offer, are endless of course! You just have to get creative with it!

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