How To Start A Successful Blog

Welcome to part one of The Blogging Girl Series! If you’re new here, this is a six-part blogging course, that is aimed at making blogging for beginners super easy! This course will not only help you learn how to create a successful blog but also teach you how you can earn money through blogging!

It’s no secret that working from home is an absolute dream for most of us. You are more in control of your own time, how much you make AND you get to be your own boss! Who wouldn’t love that?! Of course, there’s a lot to learn before you can make that happen, however if you pay close attention to everything I’m about to tell you, I promise you that you will be able to take the right steps toward making things happen for yourself!

It may seem sometimes in blogging like you’re getting nowhere, but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that success is bound to show up if you work towards it! So grab a coffee, get a notebook and pen, and let’s do this!

Blogging For Beginners on How To Start A Blog
How To Start A Successful Blog

Blogging for beginners can be really intimidating! Trust me, I’ve been there, I know! The first steps into learning how to start a blog are always the hardest. There’s so much to do and think about but once those beginning stages are over it totally pays off in the long run.


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1. Identify Your Niche

In learning how to start a blog, it’s important to identify which niche you will be blogging on. Whether your niche is related to food, home, beauty, fashion, etc. It’s important to create niche-related content. This helps you to know who your target audience is and have a better chance at reaching them. It takes time to create quality content and when no one is reading it, it can be really discouraging to continue. However, if you want to reach your audience, you need a way to tell those people your content is available for them. This is why having a niche specified blog is so important. We’ll talk more about how this helps boost your SEO later.

Having a niche dense blog does not mean that you’re restricted from branching out and creating other content you love. You can always do this, however your content especially at the beginning, needs to be aimed to your audience. This is how they will find you. Remember, that people who love your content will come and stay because they love your content no matter what you write. However, they first need to find you and see that you provide what they’re interested in and the only way to do this is by creating niche related content.

2. The Perfect Name For Your Blog

In picking a name for your blog, I would say it matters to pick something more niche related as well. You always want to make it super easy for your audience to find you. The thing to remember here is, your content exists for them, they just don’t know it yet and your job is to always find ways to reach out to them. Therefore, when learning how to start a blog and picking a name, you want to think of who your perfect reader is.

What would they be searching for? Would they be attracted to it? Which name would they click on? What’s a name that would stand out to your reader in a crowd? These little details are pretty important in starting a blog. When I picked out my blog name I didn’t really think of this at first. As you can see my blog is more personal growth and self-development orientated. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t still get a lot of readers. All I’m saying is, choosing a niche-orientated name could benefit you a lot more in reaching your audience faster!

3. Picking An Attractive Blog Design

When it comes to blogging for beginners, the one thing that’s always on your mind is your blog design. You want to choose something that’s easy to navigate, with no clutter on it. When I first started blogging and experimenting around with blog design, etc. I realised that a lot of my family had no idea what a blog was or how to even navigate one. That’s when I realised that not everyone knows how to navigate a simple website and I based my design off of that concept.

I know it seems like not much of a difference for those of us who know how to navigate blogs, but it’s important to someone who wants to read your content, but just doesn’t know where or how. In learning how to start a blog, you have to keep these people in mind too. I noticed that once I switched up my blog from a more image-only based one, to one that looks more like any other easy-to-navigate website, people started to really love it to the point where they wanted to know how I created my blog!

4. The Importance of Keywords

Okay so by now you’ve probably seen how often I’ve emphasized having a niche-dense blog. The reason why is because of SEO! We call it Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because we are ‘optimising’ our blogs (or websites) for ‘more’ searches or visitors. Therefore, our goal is to always rank as high as possible on google’s first page of search results. You always want to aim for the first page because let’s be real, no one clicks on the second page! Think about it. Whenever you search for something on google, you probably never go beyond the first pages results. Your options in fact are almost always between the first top three results that pop up on the first page for you. I know this can all sound a bit intimidating when it comes to blogging for beginners, but it really isn’t that difficult once you start to understand the basics!

So now that you know why you SEO for bloggers is so important, it’s time to learn the how. The way you rank at number one on Google’s search engine is by optimising your blog, by using ‘keywords.’ Keywords are the words that we almost deliberately add into our blog posts, blog name, blog pages and so on. We do this so that Google knows what our blog is about and so that it is able to connect us with people searching for what we have to offer! This is why having a niche-dense blog is so much more easier and effective in attracting more readers!

SEO for Bloggers and Keywords Research Courses:

I’m about to put you onto something right now! Nele van Hout has taught me absolutely everything I know about SEO. She’s helped me bring up my readership and sales up a ton by using her courses on SEO for Bloggers and Keyword Research. I would not recommend something to my readers that I haven’t spent my money on, tested and tried. I highly recommend checking her courses out if you’re interested in learning more! You won’t regret it!

5. Deciding Blog Topics

This is the fun part! When it comes to deciding on blog topics, you want to again pick topics that are related to your blog. The more niched, the better for optimizing your blog. Again, you’re aiming to use specific keywords that will attract your ideal reader!

Remember, just because your blog is niche related, does not mean you only ever have to blog specifically on that genre. You can always create content on other things you’re passionate about. If you’re blogging on personal growth like me for example, but also want to create content on how to blog just like I’m doing, then go for it! It’s totally fine. Blogging for beginners doesn’t have to be super strict, it can be really fun if you know what you’re doing and how!

6. Getting High Quality Blog Photos

The one thing I always see new bloggers ask questions about, is where to get blog photos from. If you want to take your own photos in the beginning that’s totally fine. However, if you want to get photos online then you might want to learn more about where to get royalty free blog photos. There are both free places to get photos from and paid places.

Some free places you can get blog photos from are Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels. If you don’t mind paying a little for your images, you can get them from Etsy and Shutterstock. I would recommend first doing some research of your own on where to get images from and see what brand suits your theme best. Wherever you choose to get your photos from doesn’t really matter, as long as they are high quality, clear pictures.

7. How To Gain Blog Traffic

When it comes to starting a blog, learning how to market your blog is also a big part of blogging. You always want to promote your blog on social media, improve your content and optimise it to gain more blog traffic. Remember, its important not only to get readers, but convince them to stay. The way to do this, is by providing your audience with value. Creating quality content, having something to always look forward to and come back to is something you always want to give your readers.

The reason you want to do this is to create a steady flow of readers to your blog each month, that also keeps accumulating. When you do this, and it comes time to monetize your blog, it will be much easier to have a trustworthy audience to sell your products and services to. Remember, you have to prove your worth to your audience and show them that you care for them.

8. Accumulate Enough Content

I know a lot of people, including myself have the question of how much content you should already have on your blog before you really start going all in on promoting it. Personally, I always just promoted my blog as I went along. However, my answer to this would be to have at least 20 quality written blog posts for a more established looking blog. If you really want to look like a pro blogging from the beginning, then this would definitely be the way to go.

Blogging for beginners is still something that you will need to get accustomed to and learn how to find your style, etc. Make sure that you post content that offers value and is easy to read.

9. Be Consistent and Stay Patient

It can be really discouraging at the start to see your views not going up. However, you have to remember that when it comes to blogging, the only time you fail is when you quit. Therefore, it’s important to always be patient and consistent in starting a blog. Things take time. You grow, fail, learn and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in learning how to start a blog! Blogging for beginners can often feel like they’re getting nowhere slowly, but you are! You just have to keep on keeping on!

10. Learn From Bloggers You Admire

In saying the above, you’re not gonna get anywhere if you don’t learn how to get there. Its important to do your research, know what all the blogging terms mean, invest in blogging courses that you see people getting results from and keep on learning. This is how you start and build a successful blog overtime. Blogging for beginners doesn’t have to be a long process to success. If you take the right steps, learn from your mistakes and persists in your journey, you can get there!

11. Stop Caring About What Other Think

It’s one thing creating content, knowing only you’re gonna see it, but it’s a whole other thing creating content, knowing everyone could potentially see it! Don’t let that scare you off so easily though. In blogging, or anything you’re passionate about doing for that matter, you have to take fear with you! That fear is always going to tell you to stop. You can listen to it but you don’t have to agree with it when it tells you to stop. Just keep going!

You’ve reached the end of Part One of The Blogging Girl Series! If you’d like to stay updated on this course and receive more material on blogging for beginners and how to start a blog, make money and be successful at it! Be sure to sign up to the BGD mailing list! At the end of this series you will receive a free PDF of all the topics covered in this series and some added information on how to make money blogging, work from home and become your own boss!

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