Keeping Your Standards High || Showing Others How To Treat You.

When it comes to keeping our standards high, we so often find our insecurities getting in the way. We unconsciously let go of the standards we set so often because we want the approval of others by accepting less than what we deserve. So often when we do this, we give our power to others and allow them to control us. We’re left sharing parts of ourselves with people who don’t care to see our worth. We allow this fear of rejection to take over what we truly believe in, and we literally end up agreeing to lowering our standards just for the sake of someone else’s approval. We agree to the low-level expectations of others and we let go of our standards so quickly because we often think that we can’t do any better than what we’re being offered in the moment. We’re afraid that the opportunities being presented to us will never come again or that we can’t do any better than what we’re being presented with. Therefore, we quickly let go of everything we set our higher-selves up for and succumb to the lower-level experiences people offer us. This is subconsciously living in a mindset of lack.

When you let other people see that you will take whatever they have to offer you and not exactly what you want, this is when you give your power away. Whether it is in career, relationships, work, or any other experience you want, when you settle for less, that is always what you will receive. So take back your power instead and show people how to treat you by keeping your standards high!

Stop lowering your expectations

1. Stop Being Afraid Of Setting Standards

When you’re afraid to set your standards high, this will only attract what you don’t want into your life, but when you keep your standards high, this attracts exactly what you want in life. Many times even the people around us, things we see on TV or hear in songs even, make us feel insecure for setting our standards high, and that’s how we become afraid of keeping them. We think because of our high standards we will lose people and opportunities. If other people choose to accept low-vibrational people or opportunities into their lives, let them, you don’t have to follow what others do. Stop allowing other people’s expectations to influence how and why you set your standards.

2. Your Standards Will Weed Out The Bad Ones

When you hold yourself up high, it is visible, people see this and respect it. Sometimes you may think or feel people are afraid to approach you because of the way you are, and that is not fear – it is respect. Whether it’s in friendships, family or romantic relationships, keeping to your standards helps you weed out the people you don’t want in your life and more importantly attracts the people you do want into your life. A lot of people know they can’t keep up to your standards but will try to get you to lower them when given the opportunity. In the end, you’re the one who’s going to be unhappy, knowing that you deserve more than what you’re getting. The best thing you can do about it is acknowledge when someone doesn’t match your standards, and go about your way finding your tribe who does.

3. Show Yourself Love and Respect

When you set boundaries and take yourself seriously and you choose to commit to yourself and put yourself first, you will not put up with people who waste your time. You will become used to being able to take care of yourself in a way you know that you deserve. When you don’t break the promises you make to yourself, you won’t entertain others who do it to you either. In respecting yourself you will show others how to respect you. Therefore, if someone decides to come into your life and treat you any less than how you treat and respect yourself, you will immediately kick them out because you know your worth. When you respect yourself and your standards on that level and some random person who comes into your life doesn’t, then you will love yourself enough to realize that and not entertain it. Don’t allow others to mistreat you and don’t settle for less.

4. Get Clear On Setting Your Standards

Know exactly what you want like the back of your hand so that when opportunities or people come your way that are less than what you know you deserve, you do not accept them. Get clear on what you want, what don’t you want and what your non-negotiables are in every area of your life. Be clear and notice when you try to opt for lower standards and then don’t! Set them high and keep them there. Remember to not let your limiting beliefs get in the way of what you know you deserve (and not what someone else thinks or says you deserve).

5. Learn to say ‘No’

Do not allow your time and energy to be wasted on people who can’t give you what you want. Learn to say ‘no’ to people who walk into your life and tell you they are only willing to offer less than what you want. Some people will make you think that you are less than what you know you deserve or even confuse and manipulate you into accepting their low standards. Learn to be direct and let go of people like this. If people think your standards are “too high” or make you seem like you’re “crazy” for wanting what you want then let them go. Don’t run after someone who makes you feel like if you don’t give them what they want, they’ll leave. Let them leave and move onto to people and opportunities that will give you everything you’ve ever wanted and more.


Alana – Mae M.

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