Overcoming Hard Times

In overcoming hard times, it’s essential that we prioritise our mental health. Our minds can literally make us go crazy during times like these, especially when it feels out of control. This is because our brain hates uncertainty, it hates not being in control. Our mind loves stability, safety and comfort, but as good as this sounds, it isn’t always such a great thing for us as humans.

You see, when you’re constantly in a place of safety, stability and comfort, there is no room for growth, there is no room for expansion. Our mind loves to keep us in our comfort zone, it loves repetition and what is familiar. In fact, it loves it so much that anything which is the opposite of this, feels like a threat towards it. When this happens, the subconscious part of our brain likes to bring up our fears, cause anxiety and an internal dialog of panic, in an effort to keep us safe within in our comfort zone.

This is your brain’s job. The sooner you understand this, the better! Your brain is made to keep you safe. This is also why it’s important that we know how to control our minds especially in times of uncertainty, so that it doesn’t control us. Whenever you give into the thoughts your mind creates, in an effort to keep you safe, you allow your perspective to be controlled by your primal brain and not your true self. We’ll get more into how this happens later but, what’s important is that you understand just how much your mind is able to control your reality in overcoming hard times.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially in the time we’re in right now, where the majority of the world seems to be in panic. In times like this, all our brain knows to do, is panic and cause a scene like a five-year-old kid. All it does is causes us to react in the most irrational of ways and that doesn’t help anybody! However, when we learn how to prioritize our mental health and manage our minds during times of fear and mass panic, we’re able to control our how we think and feel from a place of rationalisation and calm.

Overcoming Hard Times
Managing Your Mind & Overcoming Hard Times

Managing your mind during times of crisis is essential for you to think clearly and calmly. When you choose to go this route instead of giving into stress and anxiety like the rest of the world, being consumed by every little dramatic thing you see on social media or hear in the news, this is when you choose to take back your power.

Do not allow the circumstances around you or that little voice between your ears to take away your power. Choose instead, to rise up from fear, choose not to give into anxiety, fear and worry, but most importantly, choose prioritizing your mental health and knowing how to manage your mind. This is how you win in overcoming hard times!

1. Focus On Positivity

Did you know that 1/3 of our brain is not able to function at its fullest capacity when we think negatively. It literally does nothing for you when you think negatively so stop giving into negativity! Focusing on negativity, especially during the global pandemic we’re in right now, will only make you feel worse.

When you choose to focus on the negative, you choose to give more power to the negative circumstances at hand. This only causes you to act on those negative thoughts and feelings and add more chaos to the world. We need less of this right now. Right now we need to feel more in control of our circumstances, we need to feel empowered, we need to feel good about ourselves and be positive in general.

Being positive allows us to create solutions and ideas, it literally makes our brains function at its fullest. Whereas giving into negative feelings only allows us stay stuck and depressed and only see the dead ends to our situations. So why choose to feel worse and make things worse for yourself, when you can choose to feel good and do good in the world? Choose positivity, and good circumstances will follow!

2. Limit Your Screen Time

There’s a fine line between staying informed right now and overindulging in the media. When we give into the news, social media, etc. we are choosing to give into negativity. With the coronavirus at hand right now, the only thing indulging in the news will bring to you, is paranoia. Therefore, we need to limit our intake each day and not give too much focus to the media right now. Understand that it is the media’s job to stay relevant. They report on topics that are catchy and worth making you click on to make their living. However, what you need to understand is that they pry on fear. The media knows you’re more likely to click on ‘death toll of 100 in 48 hours’ instead of ’10 recovered cases!’

Again, let’s not blame these people for doing their job, they also need to make a living. However, let’s take control and responsibility in what we choose to feed our minds right now. Don’t give into the panic and hysteria that these black mirrors are offering you right now. Rather put down your phone, pick up a book and simply limit your screen time.

3. Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts control your feelings and when you become aware of them, this is how you control them. You see, whenever you feel ‘bad,’ it means that your thoughts are ‘bad.’ Therefore, you need to choose to actively think ‘good’ thoughts in order to feel ‘good’. At a time like this, we need to be in control of both our thoughts and feelings so that we do not ‘act’ irrationally.

With the world in panic over the Coronavirus, this is an essential time to know how to manage your mind. When you take control of your thoughts and choose to think more ‘good’ thoughts than ‘bad’, you are able to change the way you feel. When you allow your primal brain to control you, you allow it to give into anxiety and panic. Therefore you allow your mind to control your feelings. However, when you choose to become aware of your thoughts, you’re able to control them. Therefore, you’re able to control your feelings. When you choose to think from a place of peace and calm, you’re able to feel peace amidst the chaos.

In overcoming hard times, like the global pandemic we’re facing right now in the world, this is a great opportunity for our brain to go crazy. We see the way people are giving into their primal brains right now, allowing it to control their feelings through the way people are panic buying and acting completely irrationally. You need to understand that people are giving into fear and are acting on the instinct of their primal brains, the part of the brain that wants to keep us safe.

The thing is these people don’t understand this. They have no way of understanding control their minds in times of chaos. That is why it is important that you learn how to master your mindset. So that you are able to rise above and take control of your life, seeing the world from a whole different perspective. You do not give into the fear that paralyses you like others.

4. Stop Giving Significance To Every Thought You Have

The reasons why you want to be in control of your thoughts is because it is a wondering machine. As you may know, the human brain has over 60 000+ thoughts per day! But, as cool as this sounds, what’s not so cool is when we choose to identify with them.

The problem is that we give more significance to the thoughts that only make us think and feel worse. We then wonder why we feel the way we do? How have our lives have gotten so out of control? Why do friends and family not want to be around us anymore? etc. It’s because out of every thought in your day, you choose to give significance to the ones that are negative. Why? Because you are not being aware of your thoughts or choosing to take control of them! Paranoia is a real thing that we’re seeing right now. It is literally taking so many people’s lives. It affects people’s families, their financial situations and most importantly right now, their health.

I want to give your an example of how you can thrive in difficult times like this. You see, whenever we hear stories about successful people, we hear stories about how they’re always overcoming hard times like recession. As we globally go into this now, we don’t have to allow it to control us. The thought of going into another global recession is scary, yes. Although, we do not have to give into fear, when we can rise above it. These successful people that have chosen to rise above their circumstances again and again, know that the only way to do it is by controlling their minds. These people know that in doing so, they’re able to focus it on the right things at that!

This is why it is important to master your mindset, it is literally the most powerful tool you have to work. It is something that no one can take away from you. When you choose to focus your mind on giving into determination, you choose success at the end of the crisis.

5. Practice Being In A State Of Calm

Staying calm is your superpower! When you practice being in a calm state of mind, you allow yourself to think clearly and more logically. You don’t stress your mind and body out unnecessarily. This is an act of self-love. This is something we all need to do more often right now.

The sad thing about practicing positivity and wellness is that during times of hardship,a lot of people seem to stop. In overcoming hard times, this is when we need it the most. We need to be an example to others and show those around us how staying calm is in our best interest. We need to show them what it is like to be our highest selves in a state of panic. This how you get others on board, by leading by example!

6. Be At Peace With Uncertainty

Uncertainty is only temporary. It is not something you need to be afraid of. In fact, it is something that brings endless possibilities and opportunities if you choose to see it that way. I talk a lot about trusting in the process and loving the journey to get to where you want to go in my master your mindset course.

Remember, that everything happens for a reason. We’ve all been through this situation where we may not understand why these bad things happen to us right now but they do happen for a reason. One day we’ll all look back on this time, and if we do it right, we’ll say, “this was actually the best thing that could’ve happened to me.”

7. Protect Your Mental Health

Now more than ever, you have a responsibility to protect your mental health. These are the times when our good habits should come into play. Especially now that most of us are being given more time through lockdown. Now is not the time to give into bad habits and overindulging.

This is an opportunity for you to see the value in putting yourself first and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Practice meditation, journaling, working out and consuming motivational and uplifting content. In overcoming hard times, we need to constantly be uplifting ourselves above our circumstances. The only way to do that is by staying grounded in your good habits.

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