Practicing Selfcare During Quarantine

Selfcare isn’t only about doing everything you love to do, all the time. It’s about doing things for yourself now, that you future self will thank you for later, even if it means you don’t always enjoy it. Running a mile every morning or eating a cucumber salad for lunch may not always be fun in the moment, but it is good for you, and if it’s good for you, it’s selfcare. Now more than ever, we have enough time to be practicing selfcare during quarantine, and hopefully this will teach you to continue it even once this is over!

You see, the thing about selfcare is that we need to always be mindful of how we balance our time. Finding the balance between doing the things that we should be doing and doing what we enjoy in the moment, is something we have to be aware of. Balance in everything we do is important so that we don’t overindulge or overwork ourselves. Giving into, either or too much can cause many issues, which is why we should always strive for balance in selfcare.

Practicing Selfcare During Quarantine
15 Selfcare Ideas To Practice During Quarantine

Think of how rewarding it feels when you actually accomplish everything you wanted to get done in a day. How amazing does that feel as well, when you finally sit down and just unwind? You don’t feel guilty for even taking a step back then, because you know you deserve this time off! This is the balance we always should create for ourselves when practicing selfcare during quarantine!

1. Social Media Detox

While we’re in quarantine, we are constantly being reminded of all that’s going on in the world the moment we switch on our phones. Now is a great time to stop the negativity and go on a social media detox. If this is too extreme for you, simply just limit the amount of time you spend on your phone. It’s important to remember that we are not built to sit in front of a screen all day. Your mind needs a break from all that it takes in, so instead of switching off one screen only to go onto another, take a social media detox, limit your screen time and do something else instead.

2. Go Outside More Often

Since we’re being told to stay inside all day, it’s easy for us to only be accustomed to certain parts of our homes. This can make anyone feel like they’re suffocating after a while, especially when you’re stuck at home with family too.

Go outside when possible, spend time in your garden more often. This will give you some time alone and help refresh your mind with a change of environment. This is why a change of scenery is important each day. If you’re working at a certain space all day, move your laptop to a different room. A change of scenery can do wonders for your mood and productivity in general.

3. Consume Uplifting Content

If you wanna be on your phone, make sure you’re using it for the right reasons. Instead of allowing technology to harm you, rather use it to inspire and uplift you. Listen to an inspiring podcast or audiobook or watch a motivational video on YouTube. This is a great way to balance something you love doing in the moment, while also engaging in quality content that impacts your life positively. In practicing selfcare during quarantine, you can always find ways do things you love, and still benefit your mind!

If you’re interested in taking an online class that will be beneficial to you and your mental health. I have a great course on how to Master Your Mindset and become the best version of yourself possible!

4. Stay Happy and Healthy

Hydrate, workout, practice yoga and eat healthy. All these little selfcare habits that you practice during quarantine now, will benefit your wellbeing so much later on. Right now, we’re being told to keep our immune systems up more than ever and this is a great way to do it! Whenever you choose to take care of your body and make the little sacrifices that it requires now, you will grow your trust in yourself to do and be more, in other areas of your life too!

5. Connect With Others

Now is a great time to call up your friends, host little zoom parties with your loved ones and just connect in general. We have the time to do it, so why not! We’re all feeling stressed and alone at this time so you never whose face you could put a smile on by just giving them a call! Just pick up the phone now and again, and make someone’s day. You never know whether you might be the only one checking up on someone!

6. Journal and Reflect

Ah, the ultimate selfcare ‘to-do.’ Go inward and reflect a little. Ask yourself how you’re feeling right now, what you’d like to accomplish during this quarantine, and each time you answer, you’ll find yourself digging a little deeper. Just grab a notebook or some scrap paper, and keep the thoughts coming until you feel like you’ve brain dumped everything you could have possibly held in, onto paper.

7. Bake and Learn New Recipes

This is one of my personal favourite things to do lately, while listening to a good playlist. There’s just also something so therapeutic about baking, it’s just so satisfy to see (and taste!) the end result. This is also something fun you can do just to get yourself moving around when you’re bored.

Meal prepping is also something great to look into if you’re trying to eat healthy while you’re at home all day. It’s especially helpful if you’re someone who’s working from home right now too. There are tons of great recipes you can find on YouTube that are easy to make and convenient too!

Here’s some of my favourites that I’ve tried so far:

  1. Chinese Egg Fried Rice
  2. Prawn Alfredo Pasta
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

8. Get Up And Get Dressed

I know I sound like everyone’s mum right now but just hear me out. This is so important, not only for you to look good but to feel good as well. As tempting as it can be to stay in the same clothes all day, don’t-do-it!

Practicing selfcare means taking care of yourself in order to feel your best. This is why you should always try to put your best foot forward everyday, even in how you look. Take pride in your appearance each day. Wake up, take a shower, do your hair, makeup or whatever it is that makes you feel more put together. We all know that when you look good, you feel good.

9. Do A Haircare Treatment

I’ve been really into hot hair oil and deep conditioning hair treatments lately, especially since I’ve dyed my hair recently. It makes your hair feel really soft, smooth and healthy in general. Now is also a great time to take full advantage of this because you can leave in the products for longer if you need to. Basically, the longer you leave it in, the better. And, since you have nowhere to go right now, you can look as crazy as possible!

10. Keep A Steady Sleeping Pattern

It can be pretty tempting to go to bed late every night, falling asleep in front of the TV or scrolling away on social media. However, I can assure you that spending all your nights like this will only make you feel like crap in the near future. We’ve all been there and done that before!

Our brain loves patterns, and in saying so, keeping a steady sleeping schedule will really make you feel good. You don’t have to strictly go to bed at the same time every night, but at least keep the time you knock off more or less to the same time. This will help you to feel less irritable during the day and give you a sense of accomplishment now that you have a sleeping routine set in place.

11. Read Something

I just love the feeling of getting lost in a book. When you read everyday, it’s almost like you have something to look forward to and you just want to come back to it each day. On plus side, we all know that reading is so good for exercising our brain.

So in an effort to practice selfcare during quarantine, sit back, relax and crack open a good book you’ve been wanting to read for a while now. Lately, I’ve been reading Pride and Prejudice and I am absolutely in love with the story thus far!

12. Practice Mindfulness

Take some time to sit down and just be quiet in your day. Be in the moment with yourself and notice your thoughts. Meditate on the things that you feel you need to give attention to or that you’ve been avoiding lately. Just take some time to sit down and be quiet.

With all the noise going on around us in the news and the panic set in, it’s important to just take some time out in your day to just cancel out all the noise, and practice mindfulness.

13. Indulge A Little

It’s okay to indulge in your guilty pleasures from time to time. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut ourselves some slack and just let go little. Whether it’s indulging in some chocolate, having an extra glass of wine, skipping a workout for the day or binging on a little Netflix, it’s all okay, when you do it in moderation! In practicing selfcare during quarantine, it’s okay to give in a little during this time of uncertainty. Especially if it brings you genuine happiness without guilt from overindulging!

14. Practice Your Skincare Routine

It’s always a good time to upgrade your skincare routine or simply just show your skin some extra love! Do a face mask, indulge in a scented body scrub, have a relaxing bath in essential oils that will leave your skin feeling super soft and smooth or simply just moisturise a little extra and take your vitamins. Whatever it is you do, your skin will thank you for it! Oh, and most importantly, hydrate!

15. Do Whatever Feels Right

Go with your heart. If you feel like you need to be doing something, do it, and if you don’t, take a step back and relax. Whatever it is, do what feels right for you. Don’t try to do everything at once, or nothing at all, but instead, just do whatever it is that aligns with how you feel and what’s best for you. When it comes to practicing selfcare during quarantine, remember that your mind is going through a lot and it’s easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed right now. So just be patient with yourself and take on one day at a time.

Remember that whenever we neglect ourselves and don’t give ourselves the time and attention we need, especially during hard times, we can lose ourselves. This eventually makes us feel stuck and causes us do things like lash out at those around us, procrastinate important things and self-sabotage ourselves in general. This is why selfcare needs to be practiced in our daily lives. It is not only good for our wellbeing but, it also helps us stay sane and happy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on practicing selfcare during quarantine. If you would like to see more content like this, then subscribe to my mailing list for more! Also, if you found this post helpful, be sure to comment down below on your favourite selfcare method during this lockdown period, I’d love to know!


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