The Master Your Mindset Course

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The Master Your Mindset Course Breakdown:

1: Deconstruct Your Mindset

2: Your Subconscious Is Listening

3: Taking Back Your Power

4: Master Your Mindset

5: Knowing Your Worth

6: Stepping Into The Unknown

7: Actually, I Can

8: Gratitude and Love



Workbook comprises of insightful course material, self-reflection exercises, weekly intention-setting pages, inspirational quotes, affirmations and other bonus-resources.


What is the Master Your Mindset Course About?

The Master Your Mindset Course is a 55+ page self-coaching course that contains detailed course material on how to master your mindset and live your best life possible! In the course you will receive detailed guidelines on how to master your mind and change your life. The course also includes self-reflection exercises, intention-setting pages, inspirational quotes and resources that is aimed at giving you the best self-coaching experience possible! If you want to learn how to change your mindset and understand the importance of just how much controlling your mind can improve your life and take your it to the next level in business, relationships, health, school, addictions and so much more, then this course is perfect for you!

What Will I Learn?

Not only will you learn how to take control of your mind, but you will also learn exactly what it means to have control over your life and get yourself heading in the direction you want to go! You know that car you’ve always wanted? The house you always dreamed of living in? The relationship you always wished you had? The Master Your Mindset Course will show exactly how to get it! It will show you your full potential and what you are truly capable of in life! Many people go around living a mundane existence, wishing they could have or achieve more than they do. The average person does not realise what exactly they’re capable of and this is where they fail. No one teaches you these things in life, you have to go out and learn them. This is exactly what this course aims to teach!

Learn how to unlock your full potential and see all the possibilities around you that you’ve never seen before and actually see the results manifest into your life! But most importantly, learn how to master your mindset for success!

What Will I Gain From The Course?

A whole new perspective on life! Actual plans you can implement into your daily routine each day that will bring you one step closer to your dream life! A quote Tony Robbins once said, that forever stuck with me is this, “let them do it in two years, you do it in two weeks!” I truly live by this philosophy now and it is exactly what you will learn in this course. Time means nothing. Resources mean nothing! This course will show you that you have everything you need to start right now! You will see just how capable you are of doing absolutely anything you set your mind to.

Whether you want to lose ten pounds in a two weeks, make $10,000 in a day, write a book in less than a month, drop the alcohol addiction or even simply just find your soulmate, this course will show you exactly how. There is so much of insightful information within the Master Your Mindset Course as well as detailed guidelines and actionable steps you can take towards achieving your goals and dreams each day, all you have to do is take a step forward!

Why is it Important to Master My Mindset?

When you learn how to master your mind, you learn how to control your thoughts. Once you do this, you take control of your actions too! Do you realise just how insanely powerful that is?! If you’re able to control your actions, you’re able to beat procrastination, drop your excuses, do the work, start seeing the results and basically take control of your life. It all starts with your mind. Control your mind, control your life! The way you think affects the way you act.

Is this Course For Me?

If you’re someone who has dreams and goals that they so desperately want to reach, then you need this course in your life! If you know that you are capable of so much more than what you have going on right now then I urge you to please use this course to your fullest advantage and unlock your true potential! There is so much to learn that you never even knew about yourself and just how magnificent you are.

If you’re struggling with failure, heartbreak, addiction, depression or simply just feeling stuck in life, this course is your breakthrough. It’s time to do the work, change your mind and change your life. It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now, whether you’re doing good or bad, this self-coaching course will be beneficial to mastering your mind no matter who you are or what you do. Again, all you have to do is take a leap of faith and invest in yourself to improve yourself!

5 reviews for The Master Your Mindset Course

  1. Vaso Tz

    Working with Alana and following the reflections aligned to the course transformed my mindset completely. Reading through the course, fulfilled me with the right amount of motivation I needed to go through each week and chase after my goals and dreams. I became aware of my bad habits and self-restraints that dragged me down this whole time and managed to take control of my life by discovering self-love and establishing “my ideal” routine. Highly recommended, this is a must-read and such a life-changing experience. I feel it lives up to its price since it’s something you will find yourself going back to it and read it again and again in hard times.

    • alanamaem

      Wow!! This is amazing! I’m so happy this course has helped you to master your mindset and transform your mind too! Thank you for the kind words, I so deeply appreciate them and you!! xoxo

  2. Sydney

    The Master Your Mindset Course hit very close to home for me at the moment. I’m dealing with some unfortunate things that I attracted into my life, but this course reminded me to focus on myself and my own feelings and goals. I loved how it felt as though she was speaking directly to me; her writing was thoughtful and straightforward. Additionally, I enjoyed the weekly activities and affirmations that gave a direct way to put her advice to practice. I cannot recommend this inspiring course enough.

    • alanamaem

      I hope everything you’re going through right now gets better! And it will! Thank you so much for these kind words – So glad you enjoyed the course and it helped you!

  3. Arushka

    Reading this has provided me with some of the best tools to go about with in certain aspects of my life, Alana has in actuality been one of my go to people for advice and life coaching – if you read the course you’ll know why- Growing up with her, literally I’ve seen her blossom into the wonderful soul that she is and it’s truely represented in her work.

    • alanamaem

      Awwwww!!! Thank you, this is so sweet!! Glad you loved it!!

  4. Kira L.

    Reading and working with The Master Your Mindset Course showed me that I am not only capable of achieving much more – it also made me clear that I deserve all my dreams!
    This 8 week-long course really transformed my mindset in a happier and more confident place! Already after week one, I felt way more motivated to get down to business and start reaching towards my goals.
    I highly recommend the course to everyone – because we all struggle with fulfilling our dreams and having such a great guide by your side helps a lot!

    • alanamaem

      Wow, I’m so happy you loved it that much and it helped you transform and master your mindset! Thank you so much!

  5. tuva’s world

    The Master Your Mindset Course was truly helpful and will help you to focus on your goals and dreams. I highly recommend! I Loved the small activities that really made me take in the advice I was given. And especially how it felt like Alana – Mae was talking directly to me the entire time, felt personal and like there was hard work and ambition behind this masterpiece. We all do sometimes need that push to work on our dreams and this course did exactly that for me.

    • alanamaem

      Awww thank you so much Tuva, this really means a lot!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it all and liked the activities too!

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