Self-Care Tips Every Busy Girl Needs to Know


Hello, beautiful! Yeah, I know, it’s a bit too early to start the new year off reading about ‘Self-Care Tips,’ but is it, really? With all the hustle and bustle of 2018 resolutions and goal orientated mindsets, pushing ourselves to unbearable limits, we need to get off our high horses for a second and jump into a warm, soothing tub of roses now and again. Its important to remember that your lovely little being can only handle so much and needs self-careguilt-free may I add!

  • Let Go Sometimes

Yes, it’s okay to let loose a little. We all go off track and that is okay as long as you know when it’s time to get back on.

  • Have Cheat Days

Let it go, for god sake. You won’t put on 10 pounds by eating a slice of cake.

  • Live in the present

Live for now not for later. Enjoy the people, moments and places you’re in now because when its gone, you’ll wish for a past memory.

  • Journal Your Thoughts

Do your reflection exercises, write down your thoughts on what’s bothering you, get clear with yourself first before you straighten things out with the world.

  • Have a spa-day

Bubble, rose petals and chocolate. What more?

  • Ask for Help

Its okay to not know how to do something. Ask for help, no matter what it may be. Oh yeah, did I mention I’m message away? Contact

  • Have Guilt-Free Time

It’s okay to take time off, whether you’re skipping a workout, missed an assignment because you completely forgot or went to bed at 3am. Stop being so hard on yourself, we all make mistakes.

  • Take yourself on a date

Go out, buy yourself something nice, have alone time with yourself (this includes your cell phone, btw) and enjoy you, because that’s whose gonna always be there.

  • Take your Vitamins

Take care of yourself, physically. Don’t push yourself where you know you will get hurt. Only take care of your physical state to the best of your ability.

Always remember that you come first.


Alana – Mae



  1. Paige Kaylee
    April 10, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    Your blog is so cute and helpful ❤️❤️

    • alanamaem
      May 3, 2018 / 12:30 pm

      Thank you so much Kaylee! ❤️

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