How To Stop Waiting For The Next Best Thing

We all have these crazy, big goals, dreams and aspirations that we want to achieve, and that’s great! However, what’s not so great is when we feel the need to prolong our happiness until we reach these goals. This concept of always chasing happiness made me think, what are some practical ways to stop waiting for the next best thing? The short answer? Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy now or whenever you feel like it.

You do not have to wait until the next best thing comes along in order for you to feel good about yourself. When you stop waiting for the next best thing to come in order to be happy, you no longer need permission to feel good. You can simply just embrace happiness.

If you keep waiting for your source of joy to come from a person, accomplishment or thing, you’re only going to cause yourself stress, anxiety and disappointment. So remove the words, “I’ll be happy when…” from your vocabulary.

stop waiting for the next best thing be happy now
How To Stop Waiting For The Next Best Thing

1. Become Self-Aware Of When You’re Chasing Happiness

The first step towards being happy now is becoming self-aware. In my last blog post I spoke about how I caught myself in the act of chasing the next best thing. This made me not only put that moment into perspective but others like it too. I realized that my life was so unconsciously controlled my these big moments I kept looking forward to. I didn’t realize until I got those moments how short that feeling of happiness would last until I got something bigger and better.

If you don’t learn how to stop waiting for the next best thing to come, chasing happiness is only going to leave you in disappointment more often than anything. We have to become aware of why we are not happy with our lives and question whether we’re just in the act of chasing the next best thing.

2. Practice Gratitude

In light of becoming self-aware, its important to practice gratitude for what you do have. When you focus on what you have, you realize you have so much to be grateful for. This is something that I use to think was a whole lot of unnecessary non sense but it actually really changes your perspective on things. Practicing genuine gratitude in my life to the point where my heart has been so opened to what I have, really brought so much more into it. I can’t begin to describe just how true it is when they say, the moment you truly feel gratitude, is the moment you attract more into your life. There’s no other way around it! Trust me, I’ve tried – haha.

3. Choose To Be Happy Now, Not Later

I know many people get annoyed with people like me who say ‘happiness is a choice,’ but it is. I’m not saying that you have to turn happiness on like a switch or always be ecstatic about life 24/7. All I’m saying is that its okay to be content with your life and not assume that just because you’re not happy or don’t have what you want yet, you need to be sad all the time. You don’t need permission to be happy with yourself or your life.

The reality of life is that it is never going to be linear, it is a series of highs and lows. It is normal to go through periods where you’re feeling like things couldn’t get any better or worse. However, when things do get worse, which is fine and normal, you don’t have to stay stuck in that feeling forever. You’re allowed to give yourself permission to get up at some point when you’re good and ready, and choose happiness again. You also don’t have to wait for the next best thing to come again in order to get permission to be happy.

If you need a reminder on how you can be happy again, I suggest watching this video by Annie Tarasova. Its really helped me in the past.

4. Fall In Love With The Process

One of the reasons why we can’t stop waiting for the next best thing to come in order to be happy, is because we want the results and we want them fast! The key to happiness is to fall in love with the process, not the result. You have to enjoy the journey on the way to your result. When we enjoy the journey, things become enjoyable and satisfactory and achieving our result in the end becomes something we’re actually grateful for long term.

Yes the process may be difficult, but nothing worthwhile comes easy. Building a successful business requires long hours, getting fit require effort, building a strong relationship requires energy. Everything in life comes with time and patience. So learn to enjoy the journey, or you’ll be miserable on the way to it!

5. Stop Giving Into Instant Gratification

Giving into instant gratification is what leads to us not being able to stop waiting for the next best thing. We want to be happy now by achieving our big goals but we don’t want to do the work or put in the time and energy. I remember watching a talk by Simon Sinek on instant gratification and one of the things he brought up was how we want the results but we’re not prepared put in the effort. He spoke about how we want the job, the car, the house or the relationship but we’re just not prepared to do the difficult parts that actually lead to the longevity of attaining that goal. We give in the moment things get tough and call it quits because we’re so used to having it easy and receiving instant gratification.

In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, he talks about how our brains crave certain things because they stem from a basic human need. For example, you use Facebook to engage with people because the need you’re trying to fulfill is human interaction and connection, which again, is a basic human need. The issue with this is that our society has gotten to a point where instant gratification is all around us. Want love? Go find it on Tinder. Want food? Go open UberEats. Need to feel validated? Post a selfie on Instagram.

The point is that these dopamine hits are given to us so easily these days, that things are no longer worth working toward anymore. This is why so many people quit so early. They want happiness now and gratification now without the time, effort or energy it really takes.

6. The Things You Desire Aren’t Necessarily Your Desires

You do not have to want what everyone else wants. Many people in this world don’t realize they’re unconsciously chasing the same goal that everyone else is. Take a step back and question whether the goals and desires you have for your life are really your own or they’ve just been taught to you. For example, many of us grow up with the notion that owning a fancy car is or a big house is the ultimate goal in life. However, the reality is that those desires have been ‘taught’ to us by friends, family, the media and people we look up to.

In my own life I realized that the things I want now, are so different compared to the things I wanted a few years ago. This is because the things I wanted a few years ago are things ‘I’ don’t actually care about. They were just things I thought I wanted because I had been taught I was supposed to want them. When you find out what your true desires are, it makes it easier to stop waiting for the next best thing and be happy now with yourself and what you have. Your happiness is no longer governed by what others want. Nor, should you care to be on the same path as everybody else.

7. Appreciate The Ordinary Moments

When we’re feeling behind in life, most times nothing is actually going on to make us feel that way. The issue is that we feel unsatisfied because we think that things just aren’t happening fast enough. This where self-doubt, negativity and self-sabotage comes in. I’m not saying stay stuck or don’t grow or progress in life and have bigger goals. All I’m saying is be grateful for what you do have in those moments where you’re feeling behind in life. If there’s anything I’ve learnt this year, its that when shit hits the fan, all you so desperately want back are those ordinary moments again. To have that loved one back at the dining table, to be working on another project with your coworkers or to be lounging around hand in hand with your partner again, those are the little moments we want back so desperately when everything goes wrong.

There are so many times where I’ve found myself in places where I just didn’t see how good I actually had things until I lost them. I know many of you can relate. The key is to always be grateful and patient. Again, this doesn’t mean you can’t work towards the things you want in life. All it means is that everything worthwhile takes time, effort and patience.

8. Love Yourself & Your Life

I just want to talk about the significance behind this because I feel like it is so overlooked. The reason we can’t be happy now is because we think we need permission to feel good. I want to make this very clear in case you didn’t get it by now. You do not need permission from any person, thing or situation to be happy with you or your life! You can choose to be happy right now.

So often it breaks me to see amazing people so stuck in their lives because they think they need permission from an external source to feel good about themselves. This is why self love and validating yourself is so important. When you seek love and validation from external sources, it cannot be relied on forever. Things fade, people change. At the end of the day all you have is you. When you’re happy, satisfied and loved by yourself, only then will everyone and everything will follow. Self-love is the most liberating thing on this planet. We all struggle with it and that’s okay. The point is that you continue to work on this mental muscle and expand it more as you grow and learn. This is how you stop waiting for the next best thing and give yourself permission to be happy now!

Thank You!

I hope this blog post has helped you. Remember, your life is not a race! As long as you continue to believe and work on you, you will get to where you need to go! You do not need permission from anyone or anything to be happy now. You can always choose to be happy whenever you feel like it. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to allow yourself to be happy. Choose happiness now, you deserve it!

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Alana – Mae

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