Things You Can Control In Life

In times of uncertainty it is important to focus on things you can control. When things don’t go our way or happen totally unexpectedly, we can often feel stressed and overwhelmed. There are times in our lives where things fall so out of balance that we feel like we’ve lost control. Moments like this in our lives are a perfect time to take a step back, regain some perspective and think things through.

The mistake we all make is trying to control ourselves and those around us in order to change our circumstances. You need to realise that you are only in control of yourself and your own circumstances. You are in control of the ways in which you respond to what goes on around you and the things you choose to focus on. Remember, that in any situation that affect your life, you always have a choice to focus on the good or only see the bad.

However, with everything going on in the world right now, the best we can do to stay in control of our lives, is by focusing on the things we can actually control!

11 Things You Are Always In Control Of During Hard Times
Things You Can Control In Life

1. Your Perspective

Your perspective is something that you are always in control of in life. No matter how bad times can get, you are always able to shift your perspective to something more positive. Right now, many of us are in lockdown. You can choose to look at this time as a bad thing or you can choose to look at it as an opportunity. The choice is always yours. Whether you choose to see the good or the bad, is always up to you.

The possibilities of being stuck at home right now are endless! I mean we have TV, Wi-Fi, books, movies, gardens, water, food and so much more available to us, yet some choose to look at their homes as a prison. Now is not the time for you to give into anxiety, boredom, frustration and stress. Now is the time for you to do the things you’ve always been wanting to do. Don’t allow your mind to control you and bring you down or you could miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to work on yourself! Whenever you feel yourself getting into a rut, understand this…

Our brain is a tool that is meant to keep us safe. However, when you learn how manage your mind, you begin to take control of your brain and focus it, that is how you master your mindset – By taking control of your thoughts. When you choose to take control of your thoughts, you begin to take control of feelings and actions. Essentially, these are things you can control!

2. The Limitations You Put On Yourself

When you choose to put a bunch of limitations on yourself, you will never be able to get anything done. When you do this you constantly give yourself excuses of not having enough time, money or resources. Let’s get one thing straight, you have everything you need right now, in this very moment to get everything you need to get done! These are just excuses to cover up being lazy and encourage the need to stay in your comfort zone. If you want something bad enough you will always find a way to get it done.

Stop allowing your thoughts to get in the way of your dreams. When you put all these limitations on yourself, you block off to all the possibilities around you. It’s like you’re almost blind to them. Stop this mentality of lack and think in terms of abundance. These are the little things you can control. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are all determined by what you want and how much you’re prepared to work for it. Always remember, that you are the one in control of the limitations you put on yourself.

3. How Much News Your Consume

I know how tempting it can be to have the news on all day. However, there’s a fine line between staying informed and just completely overindulging in the drama going on in the world. Don’t give into it. Resist the urge to constantly be on your phone right now. In fact, now is the best time for you to disconnect from social media and just unplug from the world.

We don’t realise it but too much of screen time can make us go crazy, especially right now. The only thing you see people talking about is the Coronavirus and just how awful it is, etc. This can negatively impact your mental health and only cause you to panic or stress out over something you have no control over. Why do this when you can focus on the things you can control? Like limiting your screen time, focusing on the other hundreds of things you could be doing do instead of being attached to your phone or the TV all day. Don’t do yourself a disservice by scrolling away your time for the next few months. Choose to use it wisely instead, so that when all of this is over, you won’t regret it!

4. The Way You Manage Your Time

There’s no better way to say this than, make the time! If you’re one of those people who always says, “I don’t have the time,” then you do. You are always in control of your time. Wake up earlier or go to bed later doing what it is you need to get done. It’s all about your priorities. You are always in control of how you choose to spend your time. Yes, you may have to do things for other people unexpectedly throughout your day and so on, but the point is, even though you may not be in control of how you spend all of your time, you can control the way you manage it, and the only way to manage your time effectively is by not wasting it.

Unfortunately, throughout our days, we do get others who rely on us for a lot of things, and this takes up our time. These things can also happen very unexpectedly and make us feel out of control. That is why it is super important to manage your time effectively by setting routines in place for yourself. This is best done when we wake up earlier than others, or try to get things done earlier than when we know we’re not gonna have enough time.

Everyones lives are different. Do what works for you and set routines in place for yourself where you can make use of the time you have to yourself to freely work on your projects and get things done for yourself. This will cause you a lot less stress and bring so much more fulfillment in your day knowing that you’ve accomplished the things you set out to do in your day!

5. How You React

In overcoming hard times like the global pandemic we’re facing right now, you can always choose how you react to any situation. You can choose to panic like everyone else, which serves absolutely no one, or you can choose to stay calm. Whatever it is, you don’t have to always follow the crowd and react the way everyone else does. You have a choice in the matter, your reaction is something you are always in control of, not others.

This does not mean you have to turn a blind eye to the situation we’re facing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being concerned, staying updated, taking safety precautions. However, what is not okay is when you give into hysteria, chaos and stress. This is not what keeps you in a state of control, this is how you lose your control. A bad reaction leads only to bad actions, a good reaction however, always leads to positive and creative solutions!

6. Your Gratitude

There is always something to be thankful for. Right now, with the Coronavirus going on and lockdown in many of our countries, a lot of us are at home with our families. This isn’t always such a breeze from what I’ve been gathering and that’s completely normal!

However, we need to be thankful that this is actually happening and to our benefit in the long-run. We need to have gratitude even in times where things may not be happening exactly to our liking and appreciate the fact that our families are being kept safe at home in order to combat and stop the spread of this virus.

This is just one example of showing gratitude in tough times, but there are so much more things to be grateful for right now like being able to stay home, get some rest, spend time with our pets and loved ones, etc. These are little things you can control, even though they are as little as just simply finding the bright side in a situation!

7. Who You Surround Yourself With

You can always control who you choose to surround yourself with or follow on social media! So decide on whether you want to continue following people who bring you down or may be ‘fun’ but add no value to your life or whether you want to be around people who can actually teach you how to make something good of your life.

In general, who you surround yourself with contributes a lot to the way look at yourself and feel as an individual. Right now, as the world is collectively in panic, you can choose to switch on the news and surround yourself with that chaos or you can switch off your devices and have peace and calm in your life. The choice is yours. If you’re stuck at home with family that is constantly panicking, you can choose to be around them all day, or you can choose to take a walk outside, go work on something constructive or perhaps even simply stay in your room and consume motivational content, get creative and do something fun.

Personally, I choose to pop on headphones whenever my family is in panic mode and listen to a motivational podcast. The point here is that there are ways to stop surrounding yourself around negative people and instead surround yourself with positive ones. If you can’t physically find those people, consume positive, uplifting content or simply be alone, enjoying your own company! The onus is on you to stay in control of your happiness.

8. How Kind You Are

Being kind to others is absolutely free! In difficult times, it can be hard to sometimes get out of our feelings and notice the way we react. However, this is not an excuse for you to be mean and unkind towards another person. There is never a good time to be unkind to someone else. Especially at a time like this where people can be really mean to each other, Now more than ever, we need to show kindness to one another.

Little things right now, like tipping the car guard a little extra, checking on how your friends and family are doing or simply helping out at home wherever you can, are all acts of kindness that we can all do! You are always in control of your level of kindness.

9. Your Future

Right now you are in control of the outcome of the situation you’re in. In a few months from now, we’re all gonna come out of quarantine either feeling like we’ve used the time we were given to our best, or not. Whether you choose to come out still being stuck in the same place you were at the beginning of this or choose to come out being the best possible version of yourself you could be, is up to you. You are in control of how you spend your time now, in order to get to where you want to go later. Therefore, you are in control of your future.

10. The Content You Consume

Everyday we’re stuck at home during lockdown, we’re bound to do a bit of scrolling or reading, etc. However, we have the power to decide what type of content we consume. It’s in your best interest to always consume content that leaves you feeling uplift, inspired, productive and motivated. Now is the perfect to consume daily educational and motivational content. Use the time you have to learn something that will contribute to your self-improvement or upgrade your skill set.

Personally, I love listening to podcasts by Lavendaire and The Life Coach School every other day. Not only am I learning something new, but my mind feels refreshed, as if I’ve gained a bigger, brighter perspective for the day ahead. I’m also someone who’s very conscious of my screen time, I don’t feel good staring at the phone all day. So I’ll usually pop on a podcast and get breakfast or cleaning in the morning done while listening, to better optimise my time!

11. Your Mental Health And Self-Care

In focusing on things you can control, the last tip I would like to give to you is this. Always prioritise your mental health and self-care. You are always in control of both. The little things you choose to do in your day contribute to both. Small things like taking a shower, doing your makeup a little, getting your thoughts out through journaling or even taking walks in your yard to get out of the house a bit. These all contribute to your mental health and self-care.

While in quarantine, use this time to practice good habits that allow you to have a fuller, more accomplished day. Each day practice building on newer, better and bigger habits that contribute to your self-care and mental-health. Remember to always prioritise this above everything you do, because now more than ever, you need it! You mind and body health is super important right now to keep you and those around you safe.

So with that being said my friends, stay sane and stay safe. I hope you have a lovely day or night wherever you’re reading this, and I will talk to you again soon. If you found a sense of freedom and control in the chaos from reading this post, share with me what you’re favourite tip was below in the comments section! Or you can share any advice you may have this topic below for someone else who may be feeling out of control. Let’s help each other out!

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