Things You Can Always Control In Your Life

Every night before I fall asleep, I make a mental list of how productive I’m gonna be the next day and what I’m gonna do to get certain things done, once and for all. Well, then… the time arrives… I’m rushing into the shower, grabbing the first decent looking outfit that comes to mind, before deciding to skip breakfast a-g-a-i-n! Honestly, how many times am I gonna keep this up? I mean seriously, why does work have to start so early, they should consider changing the times to 9am like other countries do. Also, its as if my Uber guy chooses the longest possible route to get me late on purpose!

Reality check: It’s. My. Fault. 

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Okay so if the scenario above of ‘my occasional day-to-day life’ sounded similar to yours, we’ve got problems my friend and its called, Self-Control. The thing is, we’ve all got goals and without a doubt we want to achieve them, get rich and have puppies one day but lets be honest, its not going to happen at this rate. Many times we put the blame of our circumstances onto other people or things (like the Uber guy) but in reality its our fault and we don’t even realize it. You are in control of your life and no one else is. Nobody on this entire planet is going to make you into the success you want to become unless you stop making excuses, wake up and do it for yourself.

With that being said, there are constant situations that happen to us from time to time which throw us completely offtrack, be it everyday through our ever changing moods or bigger things that are bound to happen around us, that can impact our lives. I say can because the only time anything can impact you is if you choose to give it the power to do so. Many times people or situations are able to take our power away from us and make us feel like we’re no longer in control but here’s the key. You are always in control. No matter what happens to you, good or bad, you are always in control by the way you react. You have so much control over things in your life to make it better and you’ve barely even recognized it, so start now.

Here’s a list of things you can always control in your life:
  • Your Thoughts

The moment you catch yourself thinking of something that doesn’t have any contribution to your life in a positive way, simply, stop. You control your mind – your mind does not control you.

  • What Limits You

Stop putting limits on yourself and find a way to do it. You’re incredible! If you can think it, you can do it. Stop the financial restraints, time restraints and stop giving a damn about what others are gonna say. I mean look at Disney, duh.

  • How Kind You Are

Being kind to others is something you control. Give what your heart desires and put out to the world without expecting anything in return. True kindness is something that shouldn’t be expected to be rewarded.

  • The Way You Manage Your Time

There’s no better way to say this than, make the the time. If you’re one of those people who always says, “I don’t have the time,” then you do. You are always in control of your time. Wake up earlier or go to bed later doing what it is you need to get done. Its all about your priorities.

  • Who You Surround Yourself With

You can always control who you choose to surround yourself with so decide on whether you want to continue following people who bring you down or may be ‘fun’ but add no value to your life or whether you want to be around people who can actually teach you how to make something good of your life.

  • Your Gratitude

You have so much to be grateful for! Think of those who have lost physical things like their homes, their ability to see or, hear, walk or those who have lost loved ones. Think of the people who have so little control in poorer countries, where they can’t even read what you’re reading right now, yet they have the ambition to survive. Your problems are not insignificant but there is always someone out there who is going through so much more than you are right now and they have something to be grateful for through it which is keeping them going.


Okay so, I think you get the idea here, the list is honestly endless! Isn’t that amazing? I’ve designed a little worksheet for you to jot down all the things that you can think of which you are in control of. Every time you feel down take a look at your list and remember the bundle of awesome you are. If you can’t think of anything to write down at first, you can add onto the ‘‘Things I can always control’ worksheet what I’ve listed above to remind yourself that you control your life and no one else does. If you try the exercise don’t forget to tag BGD and showcase them on your socials, we’d love to see your work!




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