13 Ways To ‘Glow Up’ During Quarantine

If you’re stuck in quarantine right now and are under lockdown due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time for you go all in and focus on yourself! Right now we’re being given an opportunity to disconnect from the world and be in control of our own time. Think about it for a second, at the end of these 21 days, where do you want be? Still stuck in the same place? Or have had evolved into a better version yourself? Now is the perfect time for a glow up!

We always see these pictures and videos of people that have had a total transformation in their bodies, the way they look in general, etc. and always wish we could find the time to have our own glow up. Well, now is the perfect time to do it. If you always wanted to improve yourself, now is the best time to work on you! Build, grow, learn! Think about how when this is all over, you can come out saying these few months were the best thing that ever happened to you.

How To To Glow Up During Quarantine
Glowing Up During Quarantine

There’s no point in us focusing on the chaos we can’t control, so why not focus on the things you can control, like yourself and more importantly, your time. Focus on the things you can to do to come out on top of this situation, and how to make the best of it. Workout harder than ever before, get your dream body, work on your business, or whatever area of your life it is you’ve been longing to improve. You’re being given the time to work on yourself right now, so take it and transform yourself, even if its in the slightest way possible.

Remember, glowing up doesn’t just mean that you look a certain way, it’s bigger than that. It’s about how you feel on the inside too, and what you’ve done to transform your mind, not just your body. Now is a great opportunity to optimise your time and go within and transform yourself!

1. Get Your Ideal Body

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Okay, so when talking about having a glow up, we all know that this is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. Getting your dream body or even working towards it, is something that you can totally invest in right now. Use the time you have to meal prep, workout, do yoga, stretch or whatever it is you know you need to do to get your ideal body. One of my favourite YouTubers, that makes the most bomb workouts is Vicky Justiz. She’s also just recently upload a ’21 Day Quarantine Workout Challenge’ video on YouTube. So if you wanna glow up by transforming your body during this lockdown period, I highly recommend you check her out! You can click here to see her video.

2. Change Your Hair Colour

If you’re looking for a glow up with minimal effort and a big transformation, now would be a great time to consider changing the colour of your hair! Box dyes are so easy to use at home. You don’t need to go out to the salon in order to get a whole new look when you can just do it on your own. Obviously, you need to do your research on your hair type, the type of dyes and bleaches you should be using and know what you’re doing!

3. Work On Your Style

If changing your hair a different colour on your own scares you, that’s okay! You can simply change up things in little ways like finding a new hairstyle, putting together new outfits and so on. Play around with what you’ve got in your closet already. A great way to find hairstyle and outfit ideas is to look on PinTerest. There are tons of ideas to go through! You can follow my PinTerest boards where I have tons of fashion ideas for all seasons and occasions!

4. Upgrade Your Skill Set

Glowing up doesn’t just mean changing yourself on the outside, it means improving yourself on the inside too. Now is a great time to upgrade your skill set at whatever it is you feel you could improve on, whether that’s cooking, gaming, baking, writing or even the subjects you take at school or college. A little brushing up on your skills can really elevate you to new levels and make a huge impact in your life. So go for it! I know a lot of people love to use Skillshare for this, or you can even simply tune into YouTube to research stuff, I mean there’s a ton of free content on the internet already, you just have to find what speaks to you. Netflix also has a lot of educational documentaries too, instead of binging of too many series!

5. Get Good At Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do

Do something you love and get really good at it! Now is a great time to go all in and focus on one of your hobbies. Whether that’s something like painting, sport, cooking, etc. Whatever it is, you’re now being given the time to just drown yourself in it and get really good at what you love doing. This is almost everyone’s dream! We always say how we wish we had the time to do more of this and that, well, now’s the time to glow up in that area you’ve always been super passionate about!

6. Get Ahead On Your Classes

A lot of students are doing online classes right now at home. Since you’re more in control of your time and how you manage it, why not stay ahead of the game? We all want better grades and to improve our scores and so on. So why not use the extra time you have right now to work harder on your grades than ever before? That way when you get back to school, you’ll not only be ahead of everyone else, that will most likely be slacking around during quarantine, but you’ll also have improved your grades and glowed up! There’s no better feeling seeing the hard work you put into school result in A’s, it’s just something you never regret, guaranteed.

7. Work Hard On Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, artist, writer or simply just someone that runs your own at home business, now is a great to make some renovations. Work on your uncompleted projects, improve your art, finishing up what needs finishing. Now is the time to get everything on track, before the world gets back to normal! Which it will! You may be feeling discouraged, however now is an opportunity to focus on ways you can upgrade your marketing game and sales. Get things in order, as small as they may be so that when things are back to normal, you know that you’re right on track!

8. Start A YouTube Channel

I know a lot of people who always say they want to start a YouTube channel, podcast or improve their Instagram feed. Now is a great time to get creative and do those things. There’s nothing better than making content you’re happy with and putting it out there. It’s even better when you’re consistent and see your entire IG feed come together or your YouTube channel slowly grow. Just make a plan and go for it! You never know where you could be at the end of these next three weeks!

9. Upgrade Your Makeup Skills

Makeup can really give you a glow up on another level if you know how to do it right. Practice perfecting your makeup for your face, the type of different outfits you wear, or looks you want, etc. Makeup is a great way to glow up. It boosts your confidence because it just makes you feel more put together and polished. Play around with eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, etc. and see what gives you and your features the best look possible and then master it!

10. Change Up Your Lifestyle

This is the real glow up, the permanent one that lasts a lifetime. Good and healthy habits equal a good and healthy lifestyle. Now is a great time to incorporate and maintain healthy habits into your life. Practice meditation, exercising each day, journaling, eating healthy and overall just being a better version of yourself. Now is the time to build strong routines for yourself that you can stick to for years and years to come. Remember, it takes exactly 21 days change a habit, so this is the perfect time for you to drop those bad ones! It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom either, you can still have fun, watch TV and laze around from time to time during lockdown, but prioritize your habits first and let your down time be your reward!

11. Give Your Space A Makeover

Tired of your old boring space? Why not change things up and around a little? This doesn’t have to be big changes like renovating or painting, but simply moving things around. Give your space a glow up by making it more suitable to your style and pleasing to the eye! Perhaps, move the clock, desk, chair, mirror or whatever it is that you can reposition. You can also print out pictures and hang them up in frames on the wall. Get creative, now’s the perfect time for it!

12. Upgrade Your Cooking Or Baking Skills

If you’re someone who sucks at cooking or just wants to get better at it, well here’s your chance to glow up. I personally love cooking and baking both, so I’ve been upgrading my skills for a while now, by trying new and different recipes, especially healthier ones. Seeing that we’re gonna be stuck at home for a while, I recommend trying your best not to give in to the unhealthy options and instead, opt for better food choices! It can be easy to get lazy in times like this but the last thing you want coming out of this lockdown is putting on a ton of pounds!

13. Heal Your Past-Trauma

Like I mentioned earlier, glowing up is not just about the outside, but the inside as well. You can use this time, to get quiet and go in. Heal those past wounds and traumas you’ve been dealing with, but never had the time to address. Get emotional, write it all out, now is a good to do that, to just get it all out. This will help you release things you’ve been holding onto and make space for you to move on from it all. Journaling is a great and healthy way to do this. Even if it just means getting clear on your thoughts and things that you feel are holding you back. I teach this in my Master Your Mindset Course and more on how to improve and achieve your dream life.

Overall, if you want to glow up into the best version of yourself during these 21 days in quarantine, remember. Slow progress, is always better than no progress. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals by the end of these 21 days. All it means, is that you should be patient and caring with yourself, do what works for you and don’t push yourself too much. Nothing worth it ever happens easy, so give yourself time, and let this be a start to changing your lifestyle for the better! One glow up at a time!

You’ve reached the end of this blog post, thank you! I hope you’re all staying safe and sane throughout this time. While you’re here, if you enjoyed this post and want to receive more great content like this. Go ahead and subscribe to my mailing list. Join a community of hundreds of like-minded women that aspire to become the best version of themselves each day!

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