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Welcome to Part Six of The Blogging Girl Series! You’ve made it to the end of this course! If you’re new here, you might want to view Part One, to understand what it’s all about! Today we’re gonna be discussing, how to build your own blogging empire! Work from home and become your own boss! Blogging has tons of unlimited opportunities once you learn the ins and outs of it all. It’s not only a great investment that can help you fuel other passion projects, but it’s also a great source of passive income too. This means that you’re able to make money in your sleep! As fun as it all sounds, it does take a lot of dedication and effort to build a brand in the beginning.

A great thing about owning a blog is that you’re able to work from home or anywhere in the world you choose! Literally, all you need is your laptop, a good wifi connection and you’re good to go. It’s easy to be the boss of your own business, but to find a job that allows you this much freedom is pretty rare.

Work from home & become your own boss
How To Become Your Own Boss

With blogging, you’re able to be in control of how you spend your time, the amount of money you make and so much more! Your business literally belongs to you and no one else. In saying that there a few things you need to think of before making your blog your full time job.


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1. Your Blogging Expenses

Before starting a blog you have to consider how much it will cost you. Everything from your domain name, blogging fees, to your wifi router needs to be considered. Personally I think these three are all you need when starting a blog. Later on, you can start to invest in more ‘systematic’ things to help you run your blog better. Things like stock photos, automated social media scheduling, and so on are but a few things to name. At the beginning though, you’re blog shouldn’t have to cost you more than at least around $300 for a whole year.

I’ve personally run a wordpress blog on just under $300 a year. I was able to sell my own products, have an e-commerce store, create a business email and own my blog domain. All this and more, under $300 a year to start an at home business is really affordable.

2. Time Management

Next thing you need to think about if you wanna work from home blogging is your time. If like most people you aren’t able to fully work from home just yet, that’s fine. This series isn’t meant to make you quit your job and just jump all reliantly into blogging. It’s meant to help you take steps towards gaining your financial independence. With that being said, time is a big part of blogging. You’re essentially now working for yourself, and you’re gonna have to learn how to prioritize your business. This doesn’t mean that you give less priority to your job, school, college or whatever it is that you have going on. It simply means that you have to create a schedule that accommodates your blog, so that its able to achieve growth.

3. Success Strategies

You have to adopt the mentality that this is plan A and it has no option but to work! Blogging is no longer just a hobby, it’s your future now. You have to get serious about it and start looking into how you will make it work! I know there’s tons of excuses people have like 70% of businesses fail, etc. but that’s not the case here. If you wanna create a successful blogging business and have the luxury to work from home or anywhere in the world, for yourself and on your own terms. You have to go into it with the mindset that it has to work. That’s the only way it will!

When starting off in anything, you’re never going to see results immediately. You have to put in the work before that can happen. If you’re always giving up on your blog, being inconsistent, working your butt off for two weeks, then stopping and saying “this isn’t going anywhere,” then it won’t. If one strategy doesn’t work for you, try another. Invest in courses that you can see other people getting results from. Focus more on marketing your blog.

Learn to implement strategies that actually give you an outcome. This is very different from planning how many posts you’ll write in a week. This is more to do with thinking in terms of “what PinTerest marketing strategy will convert to x10 sales this week”. That is the kind of strategies you need to always be researching and looking into to ensure your business thrives.

4. What Value Are You Going To Provide

If you wanna work from home and build a blogging business that will stand, you have to be able to provide value. What is it that you’re able to offer your audience that only you can give them? Why should they want to be apart of your tribe? There are many ways you can provide value to you audience.

A great way to also make your audience feel like you appreciate them and that they are valued is by always over delivering. This can be done by giving out information they never even knew they needed, providing free courses, hosting groups where they can feel like they have a ‘safe space’ and so much more. The point is that you always want to make your audience feel like every time they come to your blog, they’re leaving with something that benefits them.

5. Primary Source of Income

There are multiple streams of income that you can use to make money blogging. However, you need to decide what your primary source of income is going to be. This could be anything from courses, selling your art, making money through your affiliates or even income from ads. The reason why you would want to identify your primary source of income is because this will be the one that is most stable from all the money you make through your blog. This money is usually what helps you afford keeping everything running smoothly, and will be the one you depend on the most.

It’s important to give this income stream the most of your focus through your time, energy, investing money into it, so that it can its fully stable enough to perform on its own when need be. So with that being said, before you turn your blog into a business, ask yourself what your main product or service will be, and what value can you provide to your audience with it.

6. Your Brand Image

In saying the above, keep in mind that the product or service you offer should be associated in some way with what your brand stands for. However, when it comes to your blogs brand image, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions like, what do people think of when they hear your blog name? Is this the image or vibe you want to create in their minds when they hear your brand name or see your content? Is your brand image and content you put out going to attract the high income paying customers you want?

You have to really get to know your brand and what it stands for. Know what and who you want to be known for and then associate yourself with it. Everything from colours, to people you follow, to the way you portray yourself on social media, all counts. So really get to know your brand first.

7. Growing Your Money

Something I have personally learnt is that if you’re not able to grow the $50 sitting in your bank account now, then you shouldn’t expect to be able to do it when you have $50,000 either. You have to learn how to grow your money, as little as it may be now. I could write a whole course on this, however when it comes to blogging, especially in the beginning you need to reinvest the little money you make back into your blog to help it grow.

I know its amazing hitting that first sale, doing something you love and proving to yourself that you could do it all along but, don’t get too excited with it. A mistake many people make in their businesses is that they get excited and go blow all their cash immediately. This is poor mentality and we don’t associate with that on BGD. You need, to learn to take what you make and put it back into things like creating more versatile payment options for your customers, or perhaps upgrading your blogs new theme, or even investing in an SEO for Bloggers course that can help you bring more potential clients to your blogging business.

If you want your blogging business to thrive you cannot be afraid to spend money on growing it. That’s the only way you’re gonna be able to afford yourself more opportunities in the future. So adopt a money mindset of abundance and stop fearing change. You’re not in lack of anything, so act like it!

8. Time Span

It’s important to have a time plan of how you want to achieve financial independence through your blog and by when. This helps serve as a guide for when you need to accomplish certain things by, and will motivate you to get things done. Remember, this plan doesn’t have to be written in concrete, its purpose is just to give you direction, and help you to set blogging and business goals. It can help you to monitor your progress and see whether you’re really being productive or just busy.

This is the end of this series, thank you for being apart of this one! I hope it taught a whole bunch of new things that you can really help you build the dream life you desire! If you’d like to learn more about, how to start a blog and to be successful at it! Be sure to sign up to the BGD mailing list! You will receive a free PDF of all the topics covered in this series and some additional information on how to make money blogging, work from home and become your own boss!

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